Beaded Wedding Gowns by Justin Alexander

Kunbi O / Thursday February 19, 2015

Justin Alexander Wedding Dresses 9760

We can never get tired of the 1920s. From the glorious Jazz Age, to the Harlem Renaissance, the amazing era has given us so much timeless inspiration. Of course our greatest inspiration from the Roaring Twenties is the fashion. Intricately detailed beading accentuated with subtle yet seductive feminine silhouettes made for a historical period in women’s fashion. Fast forward to 2015 and we’re still obsessing over these details.

Known for it’s modern take on vintage-inspired wedding gowns, bridal designer Justin Alexander brings the ’20s to the forefront. Each gown is uniquely detailed while maintaining that glorious, glam aesthetic of the Jazz Age.

Justin Alexander Wedding Dresses Style 9760

With elaborate yet delicate beading, Justin Alexander‘s gowns ooze sophistication. They transform brides into modern sirens reminiscent of the graceful Hollywood starlets of that era. If you’re looking to turn heads as you walk to and from that altar, a Justin Alexander masterpiece is for you. Put the class in classic with one of these pieces.

Justin Alexander Wedding Dresses 9772-1

Style 9772: A classic look for any bride. This hand-beaded fit and flare gown has a v-neck AND v-back. The dress is so detailed, it took 211 hours of opulent hand crafted beading and has close to 88,600 stitches.

Justin Alexander Wedding Dresses 9772

Justin Alexander Wedding Dresses 9773

Style 9773: This dress took approximately 123 hours of just exquisite hand-crafted beading and has close to 52,200 stitches. Now THAT is perfection. It’s a tulle and corded lace A-line  embellished with art deco beading from top to bottom.

Justin Alexander Wedding Dresses Style 9773

Justin Alexander Wedding Dresses 8753

Style 8753: Embroidered beaded tulle sheath gown with an elegant V-neck bodice and illusion back.

Justin Alexander Wedding Dresses Style 8753

Justin Alexander Wedding Dresses style 9774

Style 9774: This gown epitomizes everything we love about the Art Deco aesthetic. Tulle, Venice and gorgeously embroidered lace adorning a fit and flare silhouette accentuated with a Sabrina neckline and tasteful plunge back.

Justin Alexander Wedding Dresses 9774

Ready to call one of these Justin Alexander gowns your own? Visit the designer’s website (here) for a list of authorized retailers worldwide.