APbride Stella | Countdown!

Kunbi O / Monday February 16, 2015

*Screams* My traditional wedding is around the corner!!!!

Countdown Stella

My best advice to any bride is to be organized. Things can easily slip your mind and when you are quickly approaching your big day it can get a little chaotic. In the end that will not benefit you. My fiancé and I keep a very detailed spreadsheet of the wedding costs and the dates of when certain things are due. I also chose to submit a spreadsheet to my bridesmaids. The spreadsheet consists of all the items that they will be responsible for purchasing and the dates of events. I also jot down the “To Do’s” items as soon as they come to mind.

todolistAs the date of the traditional wedding quickly approaches I keep reminding myself to keep calm, remain as stress free as possible, and keep that excited feeling going. Stress can really affect your health. Do something to take your mind off of things for a while and handle things one day at a time. Make a calendar of tasks and each day tackle that task. Before you know it every task will be complete! For example, yesterday confirmed that the vendors received their payments and picked up the fabric for Jamaar and my traditional clothes. Tomorrow I will talk to a few vendors to ensure that we are all on the same page and submit specific items for the website. Planning out what I am going to do on certain days reduces the chaos.


 I truly cannot wait to celebrate Jamaar and my union! While I am working on creative ideas for the monumental occasion, I also think of things that I can do in order to make sure my future hubby remains happy. Weddings can be stressful for the groom too. Whether it taking him out to dinner…yes taking him out…..or taking part in activity that he enjoys doing. In the end you both would have released stress and you both will be a happy couple!

The clock is ticking and I have some more tasks to do! What are some things that need to be done a few weeks before a wedding? Married or not, share your comments or concerns below.

Until we meet again, keep smiling, and love hard!