#APbling | Shonté and Cliff’s Proposal Story

Kunbi O / Wednesday February 11, 2015

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The Happy Couple

My name is Shonté Wallace (@jamaicantang). My fiancé, Cliff Matthews and I started dating in 2009 when we were both undergraduate students at University of South Carolina. He and I could not be any more different! He is a small town guy, from Cheraw, South Carolina. Most of his family lives in that town and he lived there his entire life. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, however, I am a first generation American, of Jamaican descent. In addition, my mother is in the Army, so I moved around a lot. Somehow, the country boy from South Carolina and the island girl are a match made in Heaven!

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How He Asked?

On Halloween 2014, I met at a friend’s house for a small Halloween get together, before going on a party bus to uptown Charlotte. My closest friends, my sister, and Cliff also attended. Several times during thee night, I asked my sister to take a picture with me, she kept saying, “in a minute”, but she took pictures with others (I did not know that her taking a picture with me was the hint for him to photo bomb us and get on one knee). At one point, during the night, I told everyone it was time to go because the party bus had arrived. Cliff told me, a little while longer.

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Shortly after, my sister finally tells me she is ready for a photo. After the photo, I noticed my best friend and my sister’s best friend photo bombed us. I did not see Cliff on one knee. I’m the shortest of my group of friends, so I looked right past him! Then I realized everyone in the room was taking pictures and calling my name. My sister’s best friend said, “Shonté, GET IT TOGETHER!” Something told me to finally look down and there Cliff was on one knee with the ring! Retelling the story does no justice to the actual moment. It was funny, sweet, and surprising!

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