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Kunbi O / Thursday January 15, 2015


Happy New Year, everyone! I am so excited to finally be able to say that IT’S MY WEDDING YEAR!!!!!!  It is so crazy how fast time has flown by. Ian and I have been engaged two years now, but it really only seems like 8 months or so. We chose a long engagement for a few different reasons. When we first got engaged, we were still in the middle of college, nowhere near graduating since we both changed our majors. We knew we wanted to be graduated, or at least close to graduating when we got married. I am proud to say that Ian accepted his first accounting job, and starts this Monday! I’m so thrilled for him! I still have a few more classes, and student teaching left before I actually graduate, but I’m definitely not in a rush. I went through three years of Nursing School before switching, and I am still managing to complete my degree in five years. I would say that’s pretty good. Another reason we wanted a long engagement was so we could actually know each other 100% inside and out. We felt like it was really important to know all of each others flaws and know that we can live with them, and accept them. I would definitely recommend a long engagement to anyone! It has helped our relationship a lot. Sure, there have been times where I have just wanted to jump into marriage at that split second, but I really think this long engagement has made us a lot stronger.



These past few months have been insane! We have accomplished so much, I cannot even begin to explain everything. We sent out our invitations, got back [most] of our rsvp’s, completed most of our seating chart, finalized all of our music, did a bridal shoot, set up all of our final meetings with vendors, finalized our rehearsal dinner menu, and sent our rehearsal dinner invitations, had a couples shower, had a bridal shower that I posted about previously, and now we are almost to the finish line!


Here is the update from my last check list I created:

▪  Have my second fitting!

▪  Finalize our menu.

▪  Pay off all of our vendors.

▪  Purchase the rest of our décor and my garter!

▪  Finish my bachelorette favor bags.

▪  Have my bridal shower.

▪  Send out Invitations.

▪  Enjoy the Holidays with my family!!!!

Rsvp woes!
Rsvp woes!
Seating Chart!
Seating Chart!

I almost competed everything! We still have a few décor items we need to get, like the table numbers, and guest book, but I do have my garter, and it’s AMAZING! Here is my checklist for the next 6 weeks (I’m sure I am missing a ton of things I need to do):

  • Get our guest book, and table numbers
  • Have my bachelorette cruise (It’s in SIX days!)
  • Finish my bridal party favor bags
  • Have all of our final vendor meetings
  • Get my hair cut and highlighted
  • Have my lingerie shower
Shots from my bridal shoot


Sneak Peek!
Sneak Peek!

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