I Said Yes to the Dress!! | #APbride Phyllis

Kunbi O / Tuesday January 20, 2015

Happy New Year AP readers! I hope your holidays were filled with joy, laughter and happiness, but most importantly LOVE. Calvin and I had a wedding-free month and I advise every bride to take time off from planning. It’s so necessary!! Batteries are recharged and I’m ready…

So before the year ended, I said yes to the dress!!!!


Yup, I’m on a roll! Once I got photography booked, the next big thing was my wedding dress. I’ve never been one of those women who always dreamed of how she would look on her wedding day. I wasn’t sure of the type of dress I wanted. I just knew that I wanted to feel extra special on our day and the dress had to meet the following criteria:

  1. I want Calvin to see me and instantly melt.  Every single thing I do on our day, from the dress to my hair to the polish on my pinky toe, will be with Calvin in mind.
  2. Since the wedding is in Jamaica, the dress has to be comfortable and light for a beach wedding. No big princess gowns or heavy satin. I’m a sweat budget on a regular day and I don’t want to leave a puddle at the altar.
  3. Finally, I love to dance. (This is where the sweating comes back into play). The dress has to not only be light and flowy, but it has to be “get down” ready. I need to be able to hit the floor and dance dance dance all night long.

So with all this in mind, I started my search for P’s Perfect Gown. Trying on dresses was fun. After trying a few gowns, I settled on a style that best complimented my shape. I wasn’t big on ruffles and didn’t want anything with a lot of bling. Just wasn’t for me.


I probably tried on a total of 15 dresses before I met Marilyn (this is what I’ve named my dress LOL). As soon as she was brought into the dressing room I was in awe. She was simply amazing. Marilyn was not what I expected at all; but when I put her on, my whole world changed!! Yes, I’m being dramatic and you would be too if you saw her. I couldn’t stop smiling, and when I came out to show my sister she smiled and said, “That’s it!”


I kept the dress on for about 15 minutes and kept looking at myself in the mirror from every angle. It was beautiful and so unexpected. I didn’t imagine me in that type of dress at all, so I asked the questions….


  1. Can I dance in this all night long and drop it low? Yes.
  2. Is she light and comfortable enough for the beach? She sure is!
  3. Will Calvin see me and instantly melt? Heck yeah!!!! He might even shed a tear J

When it finally hit me that I had found my gown, the tears came. I was just overflowing with happiness at that moment. I can’t wait for Calvin to see me coming down the aisle. Actually, I hope that my photographers capture this moment because, knowing me, tears will be blocking my view :-/


Okay enough about my dress. Now let me tell you all about the Oh So Fabulous dress shop that I got it from. “Located in the heart of Ruxton, there is a place where brides, their moms, and their best friends come to be inspired and find an exclusive selection of chic, modern and affordable gowns and dresses perfect for their wedding day look. It’s called Garnish Boutique, and since opening its doors in 2006, it has become one of the best bridal boutiques in Baltimore known for its fun, relaxed and intimate shopping experience.”

Garnish logo

Mia Antalics, the shop owner, is awesome and sweet! I bugged her with my phone calls and she accommodated all my questions without making me feel like the annoyance I know I was. When you walk into the boutique, you feel like the only bride in the world. The showroom is so pretty and elegant and peaceful. I felt at home and like I was among friends. At the end of the visit, I was given a tote bag, bride magazine, beautifully handwritten card and a sparkly drink to toast to my saying yes to the dress! Such a special touch and very thoughtful. I’m so happy that I became a Garnish gal.

My Garnish Gifts

Going into this New Year, it felt good to know that I’m marrying the man God designed just for me and that I found the perfect dress that will make him feel like the luckiest man in the world. Jamaica is going to be hot hot hot for so many reasons (giggle). Now, it’s time to start planning the details for the wedding day and all our wedding events leading up to July. The real fun begins…and when I say fun I mean headache LOL!

Phyllis and Calvin
A snippet of our Engagement Shoot by Pretty Perfect Vendor Wale Ariztos

No really, it hasn’t been so bad. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being an #APBride and sharing this experience with you. With that said, I make no apologies for how obnoxious I will be over the next few months.

I can’t contain my excitement!!! 6 more months and counting!!!