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Kunbi O / Tuesday December 23, 2014




  1. not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality.
  2. distinct; separate.

(google dictionary)

Hello my fellow Blog readers!!!

One thing that I think is so important to me is that my honey dip Jamaar and my wedding experience is different.  I am so pleased with how all my creative ideas are coming to light! I’m most proud of my Traditional Nigerian wedding reel (the save the dates) and our pre-engagement wedding shoot. It was hard work, but it was FUN and something Jamaar and I will remember forever. Many thanks to my featured Bridesmaids (Shelby & Chika), Thai Couture (IG: @thaicouture) for the props and my clothes, TeeKay Designs for Jamaar’s attire, and Henry Adegbite(IG: @henrodagreat) for the AWESOME videography. I created a very elaborate story board for the video and he literally brought it to life. I loved it!


Watch and enjoy the video here:

Stella & Jamaar #WhenLiberiaMeetsNigeria from HENRY ADEGBITE on Vimeo.

Another thing that I wanted to make sure I completed during this planning process is creating a scrap book. I carry this book with me to any meeting that I have with vendors so they can have an idea about what I want my wedding to look like. I am very detailed and I want to make sure that the vendor understands that. Each page is dedicated to something specific. For example, I have a page dedicated for entertainment, bridesmaid dress ideas, my wedding dress inspirations, guest table décor, the cake, the venue, the theme of the wedding, etc. Vendors have found the book to be very useful and it’s a fun activity that I like to do. It’s also a great way to capture and organize my creative ideas. In the future, I can share this book with my friends or my future daughter/niece.

stella blog

Earlier in the blog, I mentioned about a pre-engagement shoot. I’m sure some of you all are asking “what is that?” or “why?” Well, I can’t give too much away, but the photos from the pre-engagement shoot photos and the actual engagement shoot photos will be used at specific events and the website. Chika Moma (IG: @OneWayMedia) captured our pre-engagement photos and they turned out great.

I can’t wait to reveal all the innovative things that I have in store for the big day!

Bride or not a bride, what are some creative things that you have done or seen?

Until we meet again, keep smiling, and love hard!