Pretty Perfect Vendor | Collins Metu Photography

Kunbi O / Friday November 28, 2014


Happy Friday friends! This week we’re introducing a #PrettyPerfectVendor close to my heart . You see, I can whole-heartedlly recommend this awesome vendor because I used him myself for my own wedding. Collins Metu Photography is a Houston based wedding photographer dedicated to capturing the mood of your special day. I could go on an on about Collins and his team but I’ll let him do the sharing instead. Enjoy!

Introduce your brand:

Collins Metu Photography consistently produces dynamic, vivid images that artfully showcase your wedding day story. We aim to create images that will make you laugh, make you cry, and surprise you. And we do this for weddings of all types and sizes anywhere in the world.


Describe your photography packages? Do you travel ( (1)Within US (2) International)

To keep things simple, we offer quotes for whatever services you are interested in on an individual basis–no series of packages to fret over. I happily travel domestically (as Aisle Perfect founder Kunbi can attest to!) and internationally.


What inspired you to go into photography?

The oh so critical ability to take clear photos of parties my friends and I threw in my college years! After a series of lucky breaks, I ended up photographing a party featuring Kanye West (prior to the Taylor Swift era) that helped me realize where my future was headed. Though I didn’t get called up by Mr. West for his nuptials, I was lucky enough that my work resonated with enough other people for me to photograph many other fantastic celebrations.


What is your favorite thing about wedding photography?

The staying power of the images. I try not to take for granted how important the photos I create will be for not only the couple but their families (present and future). It always keeps me excited to work at a high level at every wedding.


Name some of your favorite places you have shot.

Internationally: Jerusalem (the old city is amazing), Punta Cana (gorgeous), Mumbai

Domestically: DC, New York, New Orleans, Orlando 😉


Name some of your favorite vendors you’ve worked with?

Entirely too many to list but I’ll list a few: 31 Films*, Events by Audrey*, Dure Events, Floral Events*, Holly Heider Chapple Flowers, A Fare Extraordinaire, Zenadia Design

* – We hired them for our wedding


Any advice for brides on the wedding planning process?

Put together a day that reflects you, considers your guests, and hire a team of professionals you can trust so you can simply enjoy the fruits of your planning and hard work


Fun Stuff

When you’re not photographing weddings, what do you love to do?

In addition to weddings, I love to travel. My wife and I dedicate lots of time (too much?) to figuring out our next vacation. I’m also active in fitness–I teach group exercise classes in my free time and am currently preparing to run a half marathon.


If you could travel to any destination right now, where would it be?

Well it’s been a pretty busy couple of months so *right now* a return trip to the Maldives, where my wife and I spent the most blissful anniversary, would be welcome.


What is your favorite Guilty pleasure?

Macarons from our favorite local dessert & beverage spot in town, Sweet. Though if I think about it, it’s more pleasure than guilt!


Tell us Something that recently inspired you?

The camera and light work on the show “House of Cards” is consistently fantastic. As someone involved in a similar medium, I usually find myself in a creative mood after I watch an episode.



Collins Metu is a member of our Pretty Perfect Vendor Guide- A curated list of wedding vendors we recommend to our AP brides. You can check out Collins Metu Photography’s vendor page here or visit their website here.