Pretty Perfect Vendor: Atlanta Wedding Planner Lemiga Events

Kunbi O / Thursday November 6, 2014

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Tell us about your brand: Lemiga Events is an Atlanta based wedding and event planning firm specializing in event design. Since 2004 owner Michelle Gainey has lead the team of planners and designers to create exceptional weddings and events.

We take the time to learn our client’s personality, their hobbies and interests, as well as their desires. By doing this we are able to plan and design weddings and events that are as unique as each of our clients. We meticulously plan each detail so that the client’s personality is reflected throughout the event.

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What inspired you to go into planning?

It started as a hobby that turned into a full time business with the encouragement of friends and family. Being able to combine organizational skills with creative design was the perfect blend of my skill set.

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Describe the Lemiga Events method of planning?

After finalizing the budget and planning timeline, our process centers around a design perspective – we get to know who our clients are and find ways to incorporate those details into their wedding design. What results is a very personalized event. None of our events are alike.

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What is your favorite part of the planning process?

Creating a cohesive wedding design with personal touches. We have a design mock up day that allows the client to see how the design elements will come together for the wedding day. It allows them to make changes and feel completely comfortable with what the can expect on the wedding day.

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What is your favorite thing about weddings?

It’s such a special time in our couple’s lives and it’s such an honor that they have chosen us to take the journey of engagement to marriage with them. Seeing it all come together on the wedding day is my favorite part – when the dream becomes reality and is even better than they imagined it would be!

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What are some of your favorite venues in Atlanta?

There are so many! I love the diversity of the venue options. Some of my favorites would be the St. Regis – the epitome of modern elegance, the High Museum – modern architecture at its best, the Biltmore Ballrooms – nothing compares to its restored 1920s grand chandeliers, and King Plow – a turn-of-the-century renovated warehouse with expose brick walls.

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Why should brides hire a planner?

A wedding planner is going to lead you through the process of planning a wedding with expertise and save you both time and money. Our average wedding has about 20 vendors involved and my clients only have to communicate with me. So for anyone with a busy schedule, hiring a planner will maximize the time you have to plan without it taking over your life.

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Any advice for brides to be on the planning process?

Set a budget and guest count from the beginning. Everything is determined by these two things.

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Fun Stuff

When you’re not planning weddings, what do you love to do?

I am a mom to 2 girls who keep me energized and creative. I also enjoy a great date night out with my husband of 14 years and with his encouragement I launched another business, Society 414 www.society414.com – where we produce curated events for couples looking for a unique date night experience.

If you could travel to any destination right now, where would it be?

Any place warm with a beach and clear blue water!

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What is your favorite Guilty pleasure?

Any kind of baked goods – I have a serious sweet tooth!

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Tell us Something that recently inspired you?

I recently planned and designed a wedding for a couple who dated in high school, then went their separate ways, only to reconnect at their 35 year high school reunion. It was a testament to how true love that is meant to be will always find a way!


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