Glamorous Black Tie Engagement Shoot

Kunbi O / Tuesday November 25, 2014


Morgan and Chris’ engagement shoot will definitely make your day. The über fabulous couple took glamour to a whole new level with a city engagement shoot full of flare. Bride Morgan shares her and Chris’ love story with us…

Morgan and Chris Engagement Shoot 12

How They Met

We were introduced to each other back in high school when I was only 15. I always had a huge crush on him but he was a Senior and I was just a Sophomore. We did a lot of texting and flirting, but that’s as far as it got with us. He graduated & from then until I graduated we talked off and on but nothing ever really serious. We went a long period without talking until one day I ran into him at the mall. As soon as we saw each other it was just an undeniable feeling and we have been inseparable ever since. I honestly never imagined in a million years that I would be marrying someone that I have had a crush on since I was 15.

Morgan and Chris Engagement Shoot 11

Glam engagement shoot by carlos lerma

Morgan and Chris Engagement Shoot 13

How He Asked

It was April 28, 2014. My brothers 16th birthday. We all got really dressed up to go eat at this expensive restaurant to celebrate. My whole family was there! As dinner came to an end, my brother started to open his gifts. He (my brother) then handed me a gift and I was so confused as to why he got me a gift on his birthday!!! I opened the gift and it was a t-shirt that read “Feyoncé” & before I could even collect my thoughts, Christopher was on one knee, photographers ran out of hiding and he asked the million dollar question “Will you marry me” I was so shocked I blacked out.. And my “yes” did not come out as dramatic as I dreamed it would be.. I couldn’t speak so I just shook my head yes lol..

Morgan and chris

Morgan and Chris Engagement Shoot 6

Inspiration for the Shoot

The wedding is black tie. So all our guests will arrive to the wedding in floor length gowns and tuxedos. I am obsessed with anything gold and shimmery and he loves bow ties and suspenders. We wanted to do an engagement shoot that captured our love, personal style, as well as give our guest an idea of the style of the wedding. We were going for a romantic, vintage glam, feel. We told our ideas to the photographer and he found locations and made it happen!

Morgan and Chris Engagement Shoot 2

Morgan and Chris-1

Morgan and Chris Engagement Shoot 4

All images courtesy of Carlos Lerma Photography