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Kunbi O / Thursday November 13, 2014

to do list

Goooooooood Lord!!!! Weddings will reveal so many different sides of planning and that, my friends, can stress you out!

There are so many things that need to be addressed and planned to ensure that your day will unfold the way you plan. I consider myself to be a person who can handle extremely stressful situations. I will be honest, this wedding has really tested my capability of not running to the top of a hill and screaming at the top of my lungs, lol.

A couple things can cause you to worry just a tiny bit. For the last year Jamaar and I have been SEARCHING long and hard for the perfect venue for our day. Are wants were simple (at least that’s what we thought): grand, transformable, and not a frequently used venue. We went on several visits, meetings, phone conferences, etc. We just could not find what we were looking for.


We searched…..

Picture: Signature Manor

And searched……

Picture: Omni Riverway

AND Searched…

Picture: Omni Houston Hotel Westside

No luck. P.S. We did not choose any of the venues in the pictures.

The venues that we were interested in we could not book until we got closer to our ideal wedding date or they were WAY too expensive. This posed as another problem because we could not book other things because we didn’t have an official date and location for items to be delivered. We were SOOOOOO worried and were running out of options. We even considered re-doing our entire theme and plan for the wedding. It killed me to think like that. The thought of settling just didn’t sit right with us. There was one venue that Jamaar and I both laid our eyes on this past spring and we knew we had to get it. It was a tug-a-war with this specific facility and we didn’t get the venue…………..UNTIL THIS WEEK!!!!!!! God is sooooooo AMAZING! I don’t think that I can describe the state of worry Jamaar and I were in. But in the end that was one MAJOR item we could check off of our check list.

So it’s official! Jamaar and I have an official date! *Drum Roll*
It will be on AUGUST 8, 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dealing with stress:

A couple of ways that I have been able to cope with the madness has been through prayer, hanging out with my hubby or my girls, and working out. Yes! A good workout will make you feel better and get you ready to slide into your dress! *wink*


I like taking part in fun activities that will really take my mind off of everything. Thank goodness for my awesome hubby to be who recognizes when I need to relax. He’ll take me out on a romantic dinner, to the spa, or just to hang out with great people. When he does things like this for me it reminds me of why we are celebrating next year. I remember that it is about us and regardless of what happens on our wedding day we have each other.

Picture: The Houstonian Hotel, Club, & Spa

Bride or not, what are some things that have stressed you out about weddings? And how were you able to get through it?

Until we meet again, keep smiling, and love hard!