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Kunbi O / Thursday November 20, 2014

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Hello Luvs! As most of you know, Charles and I took our first steps towards our lifetime union this past summer with the celebration of our traditional wedding! Words cannot even begin to explain the perfection of this day. From the traditional bridal shower, the family introduction, to the very last song, I can truly say that our wedding was everything that I could dream of and more!…Now, a wedding would not be complete without a few minor set backs, but believe me when I say they were all a distant memory by the end of the day. Another added bonus was that cupid’s arrow hit a few of my guest, within a month of my wedding 2 of my cousins got engaged and another Boateng also had a name change ☺ Yeah buddy!!!

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Ok, so a few days before the wedding my friends decided to give me a dinner party/bridal shower with a West African twist! All of my friends brought gifts for me following the theme of “What every Ghanaian bride needs…” I’m not going to lie, I was expecting to get a few fufu sticks amongst other things, but my friends really put some great thought into their gifts and I absolutely LOVED every single present! I get emotional thinking about all the hard work and thought that was put into making sure that I was a prepared bride!

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Now for the long awaited day! August 2nd, 2014 was definitely one of the most memorable days of my life thus far! I always imagined that I would be a nervous wreck the day of my wedding but when I woke up that morning there was a calmness that came over me and I just knew that it was going to be a good day.

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Since we didn’t really have to worry about the traditional rules of the groom not seeing the bride before the ceremony, there was a brief moment before the ceremony where Charles and I were able to spend some time alone. This time was the most meaningful and significant time for me because we were able to comfort each other and just be ourselves without any distractions. When it was time for me to come out, I honestly didn’t think about all the people watching me or about any event that preceded the ceremony…all of my focus was on my love and being by his side.

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Although our families are from 2 different countries, our situation is unique in that both sides have strong ties to each country. As mentioned before, part of my fiancé’s family (including his mother) were born in Ghana. He also has family members that speak both Yoruba and Twi, native Nigerian and Ghanaian languages. I can not put into words how amazing or magical it was to witness both of our families seamlessly come together by being able to speak their native languages.  Whether they were calling me Iyawo or Ayeforo (both mean bride),I knew one thing was for certain…..This was definitely meant to be!

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charles and carol

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One of my biggest goals for the engagement was for all of my guests who have never been to a traditional wedding to have a better sense of each culture by the time they left…. I feel like I definitely accomplished that goal!

Now that I have one wedding under my belt, I am ready to really start planning for my white wedding! I am sooooooo excited you guys! I have this amazing vision for the wedding and I can’t wait for it all to come together!

Stay tuned you guys….I have some very exciting news to share next!