Pretty Perfect Vendor: Kesha Lambert Photography

Kunbi O / Wednesday October 8, 2014


Tell us about your brand:

It brings me great joy to capture people, relationships, beautiful things and places. I believe every individual’s story is an original and their images should reflect that. When a couple entrusts us with capturing their memories we take this as a special kind of honor. For this reason, we take the necessary time to connect with our couples and get to know them; the rapport that we establish with our couples allows us to capture them in a beautiful and authentic way. Our style is modern, fashion-influenced and very much in the moment. We aim to not just take pretty pictures, but to capture relationships, create something fresh and present our clients with a photo story that captivates, delights and moves the soul.


Describe your photography packages:

I offer full day documentary wedding photography packages that can include a mix of photography, makeup, print and album products


Do you travel ( (1)Within US (2) International):

Yes, I am based in New York but I travel on assignment nationally and internationally … so call me!


What inspired you to go into photography?

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember. I see life in frames and I couldn’t turn it off if I tried.


what is your favorite thing about wedding photography?

I love capturing relationships and I love shooting pretty little things; weddings are wrought with emotion and so much pretty happens at weddings; this is right up my alley.


Name some of your favorite places you have shot:

There’s an old freight railroad and bridge in Shelton, Ct that never gets old for me. The surrounding areas are chock full of old factory like industrial buildings; but NYC never disappoints (too many to name).


Any advice for brides on the wedding planning process?

Enjoy the process; emphasis on enjoy. Things may happen along the can steal some of your joy; don’t let it. Just keep sight of what the day is all about.


When you’re not photographing weddings, what do you love to do?

I am a cliche of a mommy so my answer to this one is spending time with my boys. I secretly love to build things with legos even more than my lego obsessed sons do.

If you could travel to any destination right now, where would it be?



What is your favorite Guilty pleasure?

Binge watching multiple seasons of tv dramas and teen soaps on Netflix
Tell us Something that recently inspired you?

I find my attention pulled and interest piqued by the most random teensy tiniest little things sometimes. But most recently, listening to a Bill Withers song while cleaning (song title “Use Me”) inspired a concept for a shoot



Check out Kesha Lambert Photography’s vendor page here and visit their website here.