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Kunbi O / Tuesday September 30, 2014
Card by Georgie Pearl Designs
Card by Georgie Pearl Designs

Hello world!

Thanks for reading my 1st post and I hope this 2nd post will be just as enjoyable as the first one ☺

So far on my journey down the aisle there are 3 important things that have stood out to me. Some of these things can be difficult to determine. Number one: will I plan my BIG day by myself or hire a planner?  Two, who will I choose to be a part of my bridal party? And three, who is invited?


Now the Lord knows there is nooooooooooooooo way that I will plan my wedding alone. None. Lol. It would be entirely too much for me to juggle planning my Traditional Nigerian wedding and the wedding that will take place in the fall. So I made sure that I did some extensive research and found the best wedding planner that could make my dream wedding into a reality. It is vital that you trust your wedding planner and have a great relationship with them. You must be in sync with your planner to ensure that you both are on one accord. This will save you from thinking that you made a mistake on your special day. My planner is none other than Chioma Nwaogu of Dure Events (which coincidentally happens to be an Aisle Perfect #PrettyPerfectVendor). She has an amazing spirit and can take a simple idea and transform it into a fabulous display. She has proven throughout the time that I have been privileged to know her that each bride is different and unique. And that also reflects in each wedding she has managed.

Dure Events

Choosing the lovely ladies who are a part of my bridal party was HARD!!!! I have so many good friends who treat me like family. I really had to sit down and think about who I really interact with on a consistent basis and who have been there for me during the almost 8 years of my relationship with Jamaar. After thinking about these factors the decision became a little easier. My All-Star team was formed! I already knew my two best friends since elementary and middle school had to make the cut, cousin, some of my Line Sisters (Yes, I am a member of the oh soooo classy Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc. #SkeeWee!!!)  my college friends, and family friend. These ladies mean the WORLD to me and I couldn’t image my day without them. I sent a cute invite/gift to ask them to be a part of wedding and they all happily accepted ☺

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I’m so glad to have those two big things sorted. Now here is the stinger! The invites. My traditional wedding invites are simple. It’s pretty much open to all my family, extended family, friends, and the dates of the guests. Most Naija (Nigerian) people do not care about invites, lol. We love a good party. HOWEVER, for my wedding that will take place in the fall everybody cannot come. Sorry.  I wish I could invite everyone, but when you look at costs and how personal you would like your day to be it makes you reconsider inviting the world. Now I know you’re thinking I’m crazy because my guest count is 350. I’m practically inviting the world right?! Ha! In my case, I have a very LARGE family and close friends + Jamaar’s family, close friends, and co-workers =350.  I know some people may be offended, but it is impossible to please everyone. During this wedding planning process I have quickly learned to make sure Jamaar and I are satisfied first before anyone else. I have a tendency to ALWAYS put others needs before mine, but this time that day is reserved for Jamaar and me.

What are some things that you believe are important for brides to know? Married or not, share your comments or concerns.

Until we meet again, keep smiling, and love hard!


*image of Dure Events by RHphotoarts