Pretty Perfect Vendor: Demi O Photography

Kunbi O / Wednesday September 24, 2014

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Introduce your brand:

Demi O. (of Demi O. Photography) is a wedding photographer based in Nigeria (for now) specializing in traditional weddings of various ethnicities and cultures and available to shoot weddings internationally. On your big day, I’ll be right there with you not only capturing fleeting moments but also making sure that you’re getting the best experience out of your wedding. With an exceptional eye for detail, I will give you timeless photos and portraits that would last several lifetimes. I LOVE to travel and I’m looking to shoot more weddings internationally so get in touch and let’s make it work!


What inspired you to go into photography?

I have an older sister and growing up, there was this thing where I used to want to follow her around and do everything that she did. She had always been into photography and my dad used to buy her these neat cameras. When she wasn’t around, I would go and mess with them and try to figure them out and that’s where my journey into photography stemmed from. While I was in college in North Carolina, I studied Journalism and got a gig working for the college newspapers as a photographer, where they would loan you equipment which you had to figure out how to work and if your photos were good enough, they’d pay you so it became a great way to make extra cash and during that period, me and my Canon Rebel xTi became inseparable (I think he was more popular than me though). In 2011, I stumbled on shooting my first wedding by accident. A friend’s cousin was getting married and the day before I had asked if I could come with my camera and they agreed and at the wedding, I realized that two things: 1.) I LOVED weddings! And, when I was shooting a wedding, I was in my Zen zone, it just came naturally. The couple ended up paying for my photos and albums (made a cool $1000 on my first wedding!) and that’s when I figured that I could go into shooting weddings professionally and with some inspiration from a few photographers that I still look up to today (Wale Ariztos, Jide Alakija and Dotun Ayodeji) I went into it headfirst and it’s been an amazing journey so far! I’m a pretty young wedding photographer (that first wedding I spoke about, that was 3 years ago) and when I see how far I’ve come in 3 years, I’m definitely looking forward to how far I’m going to go with this.

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Describe your photography packages?

My packages range from the standard day coverage all the way up with a variety of albums and other add-ons. I’m open to covering weddings all around the world and will tailor packages to fit your destination wedding needs and budget.


What is your favorite thing about wedding photography?

Did I mention that I LOVE weddings? From the prep, to shooting details, to the flurry of the reception, I’m all for all of it. I’ve been know to may or may not have shed a tear or two during a wedding or two…or five…

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Name some of your favorite places you have shot:

One of my favorite locations has been The Wedding Hall and Gardens at Landmark in Garner, NC. It’s actually what I picture when I think of my dream house and I’ve purposed in my heart that someday, I’ll be back to make an offer on it. Also The Eko Tourist Beach in Lagos is proof that you can have a “destination” wedding in Lagos.

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Name some of your favorite vendors you’ve worked with?

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and be inspired by some AMAZING vendors. Some of my favorites; Planning and Design: Creative Touch Designs, The Wedding Company, The Coker Creative Company; Bridal Styling: Love, Tims; Groom Styling (yes, it’s a thing too): East and Lester; Makeup: BMPRO, Faces by Labisi; Videography: Pastel Weddings


Any advice for brides on the wedding planning process?

You’re going to be spending several hours, or maybe even days, with your wedding photographer so make sure it’s someone you get along with. Your wedding photographer can be the one to keep you calm when everything is going haywire. Also trust your photographer’s creativity and creative process. You’ve seen their work and you probably hired them based on what you’ve seen so let them do that. Finally HAVE FUN! It will translate over into your pictures.


Fun Stuff

When you’re not photographing weddings, what do you love to do?
When I’m not photographing weddings, I’m an actor and a radio personality, and sometimes, I’m all three at the same time lol In my free time, you can catch me bungee jumping or swimming with sharks, I have pretty incredible bucket list.


If you could travel to any destination right now, where would it be?
Santorini is calling my name!

Tell us Something that recently inspired you?

Two things: Recently, I got to spend a weekend in London working with Jide Alakija and Chad Pennington (Sobitart Photography) and every time I’m with them, I get pushed creatively, it’s like a masterclass. Also while I was in London, I caught two musicals, The Lion King (for the 4th time) and Wicked (for the 2nd time), OH MY DAYS!!! Those musicals take my mind on creative journeys.


To learn more about Demi O Photography visit their vendor page here or head straight to their website here.