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Kunbi O / Thursday September 18, 2014

Phyllis and Calvin Save the Date

I know you’re like, “DUH,” but it’s more real to me now because we finalized the wedding details. Calvin and I are getting married in Montego Bay, Jamaica! * giggles* We had picked a date in May, but that wasn’t available. Then we went back and forth with other dates in May and June, but nothing worked out. UGH! So now May and June were out and everyone kept telling me about the summer months and rain and heat and blah blah blah. Also, I was so concerned about the cost for my guests and who possibly would not be able to make it to the wedding that all of the excitement I once felt was replaced with dread. I was completely over it!!


I decided to take a step back and refocus (yet again!) my energy on just us. I have to remember it’s our day and no matter what it will be absolutely perfect. I made peace with that fact and sent in my final request. When I got my response email I screamed SHOOT because I thought it said that we didn’t get it, but I read it wrong (that’s what rejection will do to you LOL). Reread it and screamed YAAAAAY and called my fiancé and sang, “We’re getting married.” He of course was unfazed and simply said, “Cool.” Men are so funny. I’m acting like we won the lottery and he’s so nonchalant. He was never worried to begin with. Side note: You never know what you need until you get it. I’m oil and Calvin is vinegar. On our own we are cool, but together, we make the perfect vinaigrette. He provides me so much balance and keeps me from freaking out (well that’s when Hurricane Calvin is not the cause of the stress ☺).


We have designed our save the dates and I love them! We used a picture from our April 2013 b-day vacay to DR. It was taken on the beach on my birthday. Who knew that a year later I would be using that picture for my wedding notices??!! I also set up our wedding website with Appy Couple, which is a company that gives you a website and an app for a reasonable price. I love a good 2-for-1 deal! The best part is that when guests take pictures at the wedding, they can download them right into the app. Saves us the time of chasing people down for pictures LOL!


So now the next step is finalizing the guest list and mailing the save the dates. I want to do this ASAP, so family and friends have ample time to plan and save for our special day. Oh and no I didn’t forget to mention the date. I want to notify our family first. I can tell you that it’s sometime next year. Not May and not June. Closer to our birthdays than Christmas and during one of the warm months for Jamaica. That narrows it down for you right? ☺


We can’t wait to start planning the details for our Givens Wedding Weekend! Of course I already have a list of ideas, but I’m looking forward to putting them into action. In the meantime, here is some of my wedding inspiration from my secret lover- PINTEREST!

Image by Leslie Spurlock Photography via Certainly Chic
Tamiz Photography via Belle Destinations
Castaldo Studios Via Munaluchi Bride
Castaldo Studios Via Munaluchi Bride


Floating Lanterns
Image by Phindy Studios via Wed Candy

Yay!!! I’m getting married!!!

Even my flower girl is excited!!

Until next time guys…..


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