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Kunbi O / Tuesday September 16, 2014
Awesome Wedding Trends for the APgroom
Image by Adebayo Deru Photography

In May 2014, UK magazine Cosmopolitan featured a piece on the ‘The groom boom’. The article talked about the increase in self-awareness among grooms. It reads in part ‘grooms have turned into brides; we smell great, we cry, we fan our faces, we demand something special from the hairdresser’ haha. While we do not agree with all the remarks, there is no denying the fact that grooms are now more than ever- super involved in the wedding planning process -how they look, how their friends and guests feel.. etc. They’re increasingly taking their share of the responsibility  rather than leaving it all to the brides. After 7 months of running @GroomInspiration, a planning and inspiration resource for the modern groom, we compiled below, a few common trends and ‘must haves’ for the ‘aisle perfect‘ groom.

The White Suit

White suit - Jonathan M Photography

Few months ago when we started our page, we asked our female followers  what they thought of dressing their grooms in white suits. The answer was a resounding NO with many affirming that white was a color reserved solely for the bride and the groom should not ‘steal the moment’. Fast forward a few months and white suits are pretty much the first choice for grooms. This is also a popular trend for men on the redcarpet.
Most grooms opt for the shawl lapel tuxedo with the lapel in white or black, and a black bowtie to complete the look.

White Tuxedo Groom Trend
L- Image by AEP&S Photography | R- David Beckham at the MET Gala (Photo: Mirrorpix / Splash News / Corbis via Maxim)
White suit-
Johannes Huebl in White Suit via OliviaPalermo.Com

Groomsmen Gifts and Proposals

Cigar Groomsman Proposal
Image via @CaptDemuren on Instagram for Segi and Olamide’s Wedding

From alcohol flasks to Cuban cigars and customised socks, grooms are asking their grooms men to be on their train in style. We have noticed a lot of grooms opting for customised notes saying ‘Will you be my groomsman’ or ‘Will you wear these socks and help me tie the knot’ along with a present for the groomsman. These also serve as a thoughtful gift to the groomsmen.

Smirnoff Groomsman Proposal via Borrowed Heaven
Smirnoff Groomsman Proposal via Borrowed Heaven
Jack Daniels Groomsmen Gifts- Crystal Swan Etchings
Jack Daniels Groomsmen Gifts by Crystal Swan Etchings


Matching Colored Socks

Coloured socks - Photocredit  AkintayoTimi
Fun Colored Socks for the groomsmen- Image by Akintayo Timi Photography

This has been a trend that continued into 2014. While grooms generally wear the same suits tie and shirts, adding matching socks is always a great idea. The socks could be plain or patterned depending on preference and this could sometimes be in different colours for each groomsman. Some grooms also opt for comic socks to add a bit of humour to their day.

Colored Groomsmen Socks | Image by Verstyle Photography
Colored Groomsmen Socks | Image by Verstyle Photography
Groomsmen Socks- Image by Rick Collins
Image by Rick Collins.


Superhero and Sports Related Shirts

Groomsmen Superhero Shirts - Image by Josh Liba
Image by Josh Liba Photography

It is almost safe to say that this has come to stay. While this will have been regarded as ‘cheesy’ a while back, we have seen an increased number of grooms doing this. The vests are usually worn under the wedding outfits and only exposed for a few photos, sometimes with the bridesmaids actually opening the shirts. Most recently, we have seen a photo of a groom and his men in LeBron James jerseys (shortly after he announced his return to Cleveland).

Lebron James Groomsmen | Image by Inlux Photo
Lebron James Groomsmen | Image by Inlux Photo

Classic Black Suit

As we always say, the classic black suit and tie will never go out of fashion. While we have seen more grooms opting for the shawl lapel tuxedos, a couple spot notch or peak lapels. This look is generally completed with a black bowtie.

Classic Black Suit for the Groom
L- Image by Mioara Dragan via Aisle Perfect | R- Image by Eniola Alakija
Classic black suit - Photocredit Jotphotography for Alakija Studios
Image by Jeffrey Osei Tutu (JOT Photography) for Alakija Studios


Personalized Shirt Cuffs and Shoes

Personalized Groom's Tux Lining
Image by Love Like Weddings

From the now very popular ‘she is mine’ shoe decal, to customized monogrammed initials on shirt cuffs and adding the wedding hashtag and date to the suits inner lining, grooms are going the extra mile to customize their outfits. These items could also serve as wedding gifts for the groom and groomsmen.

Personalized Shirt Cuff and Blazer Lining
L- Image by Pretty Perfect Vendor Demi O. Photography | R- Styling by Tom Marchitelli via Gentleman’s Playbook
Groom details - Photocredit ThatDudeDemi
Image by Pretty Perfect Vendor by Demi O. Photography


Move over APbride, the APgroom is taking over and in picture perfect style. We’ll back shortly with a few more trends we love. Don’t forget to check out (and follow) GroomInspiration  here.



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