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Kunbi O / Tuesday September 9, 2014
April Heather Art
Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cards by April Heather Art

I’ve written and rewritten this blog post probably 20 times, which I find hilarious because I love nothing more than to talk about my favorite girls, and I think I have finally found my happy medium regarding content ! The excessive editing has come from college experiences and stories that probably shouldn’t be shared with the general public and the fact that we all LOVE to have a great time.

I also must mention that not a single member of my wedding party lives in the same city as me, so I am very thankful they are so supportive even from far away!! Here we go!


Maid of Honor: Amanda is my older sister who I absolutely adore! She is the best mother to my 8 year-old niece, a great wife, one of the best cooks, and the life of the party. She has taught me so much about growing as a person, hard work, and being a supportive family member, and I am thankful every day for our friendship. I often wish I could slow down my lifestyle and enjoy the beauty in the world as she does, as it makes her the most beautiful person.


Bridesmaid: Oh Kori!! Kori was one of the first people I ever met freshman year at Northwest Missouri State University when living on the 7th floor of Millikan (as did Morgan who is coming up), and is one of the most hysterical people ever. Seriously, I’m entertained just sitting and listening to her talk. She’s also the master of Phase 10, and any other game invented, doubles as a nursing student and CNA in her spare time, and happens to be one of Troy’s (my fiancé) favorites of my friends (no offense other ladies). The two of them together are the funniest things I’ve ever seen. It’s like watching an episode of the best comedy written and they will make you laugh until your whole body is sore. One day I will tape them and share the laughter with the rest of the world.


Bridesmaid: Erin is going to be the third momma in my group and we are patiently awaiting the birth of her precious baby girl!!!! Erin and I met later in my college career through a mutual friend and it just clicked. She was there when I almost burned my apartment down cooking pizza, helped save the day when I needed out of Omaha, had yelling conversations across our apartment complex, visited me countless time in Omaha, and is one of the few people I can tell EVERYTHING to.


Bridesmaid: In college, I found out that I apparently have the “mother” gene and always want to take care of others, which is how I met April. April is my cheer “daughter” and I first met her when she visited NWMSU on her recruiting trip. She was insanely talented, super sweet, a little wild, and a Jayhawk lover, which made me love her even more, so instead of letting her talent intimidate me, I figured I’d just be her friend. And we did just that! I have had the pleasure of watching her grow as a person, an athlete, a student (we were the same major), and now I get to watch her become a new wife!!! Recently, while living abroad with her boyfriend, he proposed and they are now planning their 2015 wedding!!! Congrats again, April and Travis!!!!


Bridesmaid: I forgot to tell you guys that I have a twin and her name is Shea. Kidding, but for real! We met junior year of college when Shea transferred schools and our cheer coach created quite the power couple by letting us be pyramid partners. Like myself, Shea is extremely competitive, motivated, cut throat, the biggest perfectionist, and serious, at least when it comes to cheerleading. Our extreme similarities caused us to bump heads occasionally, but every time, we walked out of the gym doors as the same friends we were before practice. I also have to mention that Shea is one of THE STRONGEST women I know. She delivered her beautiful son via emergency C-section 2 years ago and shortly after, found out she would undergo open heart surgery to remove a mass discovered on her heart. Shea is a heart disease SURVIVOR and an active advocate for preventing others from enduring the struggles she has survived. Every day I hope to be as strong as her!


Bridesmaid: Morgan’s paragraph might be the hardest of all to write. She was a fellow Millikan girl, has been my roommate (long live Fox Alley), my shoulder to cry on, one of my bar dancing friends, a stylist/hairdresser, early morning ride, and my “drop everything and help” when you need her to friend. She has the biggest heart and wants nothing more than to put a smile on your face and improve your day.

Overall, I am a very blessed girl and would have never thought I would be surrounded by such an amazing group of people. Please watch for my next blog where I’ll be discussing WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!!!!! Until then, I’ll just leave you with this stunning image of my sister right before her big day!

Brooke G Photography
Image by Brooke G Photography

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