Winner of Feyonce Shirt Giveaway + 10% Off for Everyone!

Kunbi O / Monday July 21, 2014


Whew this was a crazy giveaway and it has just revved up my spirit for even more giveaways (stay tuned). Soooo we announced on Instagram that we were giving away one free Feyoncé T-shirt by Three Two 1. We got almost a hundred entries (yikes!) so we feel super awful that we can only pick one person. We randomly assigned numbers to people and drumroll please, the winner is…..

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.24.26 PM



please email submissions@aisleperfect.com with your mailing address.

For EVERYONE ELSE … Wipe that disappointed frown off your face and head over to Three Two 1 on Etsy to get yours. For the next week, Three Two 1 is offering Aisle Perfect readers a 10% discount on the Feyonce shirt. Use code 2014AP10 at checkout 😀