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Kunbi O / Wednesday July 30, 2014

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Happy Wedding Wednesday folks! As you may know, we launched our Pretty Perfect Vendor Guide with the new site last month. This is all part of our dedication to bring you only the very best in wedding inspiration and planning. In the coming weeks, we will introduce you to each and every one of our TRUSTED vendors. Today, we’re starting with the awesomely talented Amy Anaiz Photography. You may remember Amy Anaiz from that amazing 30th Birthday party we shared with you last month. We LOVE her work so much and are proud to welcome her to the Aisle Perfect Family. You can read more about Amy Anaiz Photography below and check out her vendor page here.

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Introduce your brand: Amy Anaiz is a destination wedding and portrait photographer who builds a bonafide connection with all of her subjects. With this bond, I create beautiful, joyous and heartfelt imagery that tells a narrative. My sessions are less about bells, whistles and rabbits out of a hat, and more about the experience and capturing the emotion and personality of anyone I work with. I’m passionate about capturing memories that last a lifetime, and being there to help tell your story.

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Describe your photography packages: I have collections that range from basic coverage to all day coverage + albums. Custom collections can be created at a brides request.

Do you travel ( (1)Within US (2) International)?: I do travel all around the world. I have photographed weddings in Mexico, Barbados, Germany, France, and throughout the Caribbean.

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Price Range: Wedding Collections start at $3,500; Elopement Collections start at $1,400

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What inspired you to go into photography?: It might sound cliche, but photography is something I was destined to do. As a kid growing up in Miami, Florida, I started off with Kodak disposable cameras. My parents could not understand why every time they went to the supermarket, I would request a new camera and my used camera to be developed. I quickly graduated to a Canon Rebel (Film) and dabbled in black and white photography. As I got older, I realized “Hey, I’m kind of good at this”. That led me to have the “Aha” moment, as Oprah would say. After getting my first degree, I decided to go back to school and get a legitimate degree in photography. Then reality set in. Okay, so I’m a college graduate…now what?! New York City, that’s what! I packed my bags, moved to the city of dreams and never looked back. Years later, I am more in love with photography than when I started. What excites me the most is the opportunity I have to meet people like you. My sessions aren’t filled with bells, whistles and rabbits out of a hat. Its a real experience where I promise to create organic memories that will last you a lifetime.

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What is your favorite thing about wedding photography?: Documenting the love between two people and the intimate moments that happen throughout the day.

Name some of your favorite places you have shot?: Photographing in Hamburg, Germany and Paris, France have been my favorite. Both cities are filled with so much culture that every nook and cranny is picturesque..

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Name some of your favorite vendors you’ve worked with?: Event Planning & Design: Lauren @ellescoutureevents ; Yaz @popbyyaz; Videography: Nikki @maebfilms; Floral design: Makini @makiniregaldesigns; Bridal Styling: Selina @vaingloriousbrides; Men’s Styling: Donell @mr_baldwinstyle; Makeup: Abby @juicylooks_mua; Stationary: Keisha @royaleamethyst; Bridal Accessories: Brittany @happilyborrowed


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Any advice for brides on the wedding planning process?  When choosing a photographer, it is important to not only connect with their images but with them personally. While looking at their portfolio can you see yourself as one of their brides? During your consultation do you feel they “get you” and the vision for your wedding? Your photographer will be with you for 8+ hours so it is essential that you feel comfortable with them. Having a photographer that puts you at ease will not only make your wedding flow so much smoother, it will also reflect in the images that capture your special day.

For more on Amy Anaiz Photography, you can check out Amy Anaiz’s Vendor Profile here