Construction Themed Engagement Shoot

Kunbi O / Thursday July 17, 2014

 Construction Themed Engagement Shoot (16)

For some reason Thursday is my favorite day of the work week. I think it has something to do with the promise of the weekend. In honor of this special day, I am thrilled to bring you a pretty dope engagement session by Lumi Morgan Photography. I get so excited when I get submissions from my home country-especially when they are as kick ass as the one you’re about to see. Lakunle and Yejide (#KunYe as they are affectionately called) are getting hitched this coming fall. I’ve been honored to follow the couple through their engagement (the groom is a friend of mine and a certified #apgroom) and I can not wait to see their awesome wedding. They decided to go with something a bit different for their engagement pictures. I’ll let the groom do the sharing. 

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We decided to try something a bit different (thanks to my lovely fiance Yejide and our friend Adaora). The inspiration came from my career line- I am a civil engineer and an avid construction man. We headed out to a construction site in Lagos. Our set director (Adaora Mbelu) showed up with her team in company of talented Violinist, Godwin Strings.

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How He Asked

Yejide had always told her friends about how she wanted to be proposed to with a yellow canary diamond. On hearing this, I began to do my research and being the #Aisleperfect groom that I am; I hit up Kunbi  for help. It took us about 6 months but we eventually found the  perfect ring. Now it was time to plan the proposal.

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Prior to purchasing the ring, Yejide and I had been talking about travelling and taking a trip during the Christmas holiday. We decided on exploring Seychelles; Yejide’s favorite country. She had done extensive research for the trip that we were certain we had more than enough activities to occupy our time. We flew Emirates Airline so we had to go through Dubai, we then decided that we would stop in Dubai for a few days on our way back. Our Seychelles trip was incredibly romantic. I initially contemplated proposing in there in a fishing boat while we were para-sailing but I was terrified of the ocean so I didn’t (most importantly I was terrified of losing the ring!)

Construction themed engagement shoot by Lumi Morgan PhotographyConstruction Themed Engagement Shoot (25)

When we got to Dubai, I knew I had to make THE move. On Christmas Day we went for breakfast at IHOP, spent the day shopping at IKEA and had dinner at Burger King- my fiancee was NOT happy- referring to it as the worst Christmas ever (little did she know what was coming).

I called Yejide’s parents one last time just to let them know I was going to propose and they once again gave me their blessings. After which I called my brother Tope and my cousin Segi for a last-minute pep talk.

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Kunbi (AP) had spoken to the manager of the rooftop bar at the Hilton JBR to make sure everything was set up for the perfect proposal. It turns out there are rules you have to follow in terms of public proposals in Dubai (especially as it pertains to public kissing). Once everything was smoothed out, I whisked Yejide straight upstairs.

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Surrounded by the stars and the awesome Dubai skyline, I asked my best friend to marry me. She immediately started crying but managed to stutter out a ‘yes’. She wouldn’t stop staring at her ring.

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You can check out the full picture gallery below and see more from the couple on their fun wedding website www.kunye.com.ng