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Kunbi O / Thursday July 24, 2014

 In less than one year, I will NOT be marrying my best friend (shocker, I know). If that were the case, I’d be marrying a woman, well several to be exact. Instead, I will be marrying the man who brings me flowers for no reason, leaves his empty coffee cups all over the house, gets more excited about the produce in our garden than I do, insisted we get another dog (his name is Tucker and he’s super cute), challenges me to be a better person, pushes me to achieve my goals, complains because I shed everywhere, and cleans the house without me asking him to.  With less than one year to plan our wedding, I’m excited, stressed, and eager for the day to get here!  So where am I currently in our planning process? Where do I begin?


You know that moment when you have been working on a project for a while, and something (maybe someone, something you read, or overhear) plants a seed of doubt into your mind and you begin overthinking EVERYTHING? You all know what I’m talking about! Well, that’s currently where I’m at with our wedding. We are still planning a destination wedding but I’m reconsidering the resort we have previously chosen due to reading some negative reviews, great reviews about other locations that aren’t Mexico, and my general desire to please everyone and their budgets. Again, I would like to think I’m laid back but this is the perfect example of how that truly isn’t one of my personality characteristics.

I cant keep calm im getting married
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This leads us to my second issue, trying to please everyone. I’ve struggled with this for as long as I can remember and with OUR wedding, it’s no different. Destination weddings have tons of perks including getting to celebrate with an intimate group of loved ones, stretching the festivities over multiple days instead of just a few hours, the beautiful scenery you get to enjoy, and let’s not forget the fact that you are getting married somewhere amazing!!! With the perks also comes the thought that others have to spend more to attend your destination wedding than they most likely would to have attended it in your home town. I’m completely understanding of those who won’t be able to make the wedding due to the financial aspect, but the last thing I want is for our wedding to put a financial strain on our guests. My family and friends have been extremely supportive with our decision, and just want us to have what we want, but that doesn’t fully ease my mind. As one of my sweet cousins told me, “It is you and Troy’s day! If you want to get married on a beautiful beach, who can blame you?”

Attempting to channel our previous trip to Hawaii for location motivation


So for now, I am back at step one, looking at different resorts and locations in hopes of finding the one that will suit us the best. Who knows, we may end up back at our original decision. This meltdown has given me the opportunity to set a personal goal of worrying less about others thoughts regarding our wedding and to enjoy, as much as I can, the process ahead.

To the ladies out there that sound just like me, let’s all take this second to relax, take a collective breath, and focus on what we truly want as a couple.


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