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Kunbi O / Wednesday July 2, 2014


One of the very first things I accomplished after getting engaged was choosing my bridal party! To me, this is one of the most crucial decisions you will have to make. These people do not just stand up there with you for a few minutes, they are there throughout the entire planning process. I considered a few of things when picking my girls:

1. I wanted them to be life long friends. I don’t want to look back at pictures and realize that I was only friends with this person for a few years – I want to be able to look at the pictures with these girls and laugh at them for years to come!

2. I wanted them to be dependable. This is a huge one for me! Honestly, most of my stress while planning has come from other people. People not showing up when they say they will, not paying their payments on time, not getting back to me in a timely manner & not communicating with me. You do not want the stress of having to worry if people will have their dress in time, or if they will be on time to your ceremony, or not. Definitely make sure your bridesmaids are 100% dependable or it will just add stress!

3. Last but not least, I wanted them to be able to have fun with me! One of the most important things to me is that the guests attending the wedding have fun. Why spend this much time on planning an event if it is not fun?! This entire experience should be filled with happy tears, laughter and tons of fun. I am beyond lucky to have the most amazing girls in my bridal party! Each and every one of them have a special place in my heart & I know I can count on them 100%. I am so excited to share this experience with them!

image image

I asked most of them (the ones that could make it) at a local tea house in Kennesaw, Georgia. We got together for the afternoon, drank tea & ate pastries & then I gave them their presents! It was also the first wedding venue I toured. I was lucky to have a lot of suggestions about what we could do with the place if I chose it for my venue 😀 So without further ado, here are my girls.

Maid of Honor – My younger sister, Jenny.
Bridesmaid – My older sister, Katie. She recently got married at King Plow in Atlanta.
Bridesmaid – Halley: I met Halley freshman year of High School.
Bridesmaid – Ansley: I met Ansley when we were babies!
Bridesmaid – My cousin, Gina.
Bridesmaid – Jenna: I met Jenna freshman year of High School.
Bridesmaid – Lesley: I met Lesley sophomore year of college.
Bridesmaid – My future sister in law, Tori.

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