Shakara Couture | 1950s Themed Session by Isaac Emokpae

Kunbi O / Thursday May 29, 2014
Happy Thursday! We’re so thrilled to bring you Ewemade and Bode’s amazing engagement session by Isaac Emokpae Photography. Bride to be Ewemade is the genius behind Nigerian fashion label Shakara Couture, a line known for its vintage-inspired, feminine pieces. It therefore comes as no surprise that her engagement shoot is as fab as they come. The 1950’s themed shoot depicts elements of the couple’s journey from their first meeting (a love story they were sweet enough to share with us) to the proposal. Everything about this shoot makes me  swoon. From the bride’s gorgeous vintage pieces to the dapper groom and the amazing backdrop. Vintage really never goes out of style.

The first scene, shot at a vintage styled restaurant, shows the bride looking subdued with the groom searching for her (reminiscent of their first meeting). The second scene highlights the couple in transit. Traveling, each waiting for the other to arrive and their happiness when they finally see each other and get to spend time together at the terminal before they part ways again. 

From the Bride:

We first met over Christmas three years ago. Bode was visiting and I was out with my friends at the Radisson Blu hotel and then went on to Likwid for like ten minutes, where a fight broke out and my friends and I beat a hasty retreat. Somehow, Bode and his friends had been at the Radisson and then went on to Likwid from there. So, yeah, right place(s) at the right time(s) I guess. Lol!

Well, like I said, he was from out of town. I would come to find out that he lived and worked in all kinds of strange places, so we ended up in the one situation I had sworn, I would never be in, a long distance relationship. However, because of the nature of his job, I could never visit him on site, we would have to travel to be able to see each other. So basically, when we were not having to journey, we would be struggling to keep up with each other’s time zone and would literally be talking from the moment we woke up, till we slept. Every day. It was not easy, but it was well worth it. Anyway, finally after a year and some months Bode asked me to marry him and now we are those people that have engagement pictures taken #sideeye #whataretheyfeelinglike #I’msorryIwon’thashtagagain.

From the Groom:

When I saw her for the first time, Ewemade looked a little sad and was not talking [I  found out later that she had recently lost a loved one]. My boys and I went out to the Radisson and she was there with a group of her friends in a black dress…yeah, I remember. I noticed her but she was gone before I could speak with her and I let my blessing slip away, but God had other plans.

Later that night I ran into her at Likwid and I took advantage of this last opportunity. With all my confidence [I have to say it was not easy oh], The shakara was real (I mean her behavior, not her brand) but I made it! Once we started talking, we just couldn’t stop and I knew soon after that, that she was “the one”. At the time I proposed to her, we’d been discussing marriage and I had made a few trips back home for her to meet my family and for me to meet hers. But I had to wait until I met her father and ask for his blessing. When I finally got to meet him and he approved, I asked for her hand. She said yes! 

The third scene depicts the couple on holiday as most of the time they were able to meet up was during holidays together, according to the Bride, “It’s always felt like a holiday when we are together, because the time spent is so precious and is always meticulously planned in advance”. 
The fourth scene is symbolic of the couple’s long distance communication, depicted in a fifties scene…the bride speaks into a vintage telephone and the groom is shown reading a well worn letter from the bride, with vintage war posters behind him which are a reference to his work with the US Military. 
In the final scene, the couple re-enacts the point the groom proposes and the Bride accepts. A sweet end to the perfect love story.
Planning and Organization: Trendy Bee Events 
Photography: Isaac Emokpae Photography