Ottawa Engagement Shoot by Samantha Clarke Photography

Kunbi O / Thursday May 22, 2014
Sigh. Nothing like a chic engagement shoot to brighten our day. Roslyn and Yves will be tying the knot this summer in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa and if these pictures are any indication- we’re in for some serious pretty. For their session , the duo went for a sunny shoot around the city starting with the Museum of History where they were surrounded by some of Canada’s most impressive post modern architecture.  From there they headed to the Rideau Canal, and spent the end of the shoot taking a romantic tour of Downtown Ottawa which is just breathtaking to say the least. I love how laid back and cute these two are and their story- which the bride was sweet enough to share- is just as adorable. Special thanks to Samantha Clarke Photography for sharing this beauty with us. 

Their Story

Yves and I met at church in 1999. Back then, we had a love affair going that was somewhat short-lived. Over the course of time, our paths dispersed and we lost touch and even dated other people. Being that we lived in the same city we would run into each other from time to time, but that was very rare. During the fall of 2011, I relocated for about a year and during this time that I was away from the city I really focused on praying for my future husband. During one of my weekend home visits, Yves randomly contacted me…in short, the rest is history! We’ve been together since about June 2012! 

The Proposal

The day was November 8, 2013. Yves and I have a tradition where we get dressed up and pick a really nice restaurant to go to once a month. For me, this day was just another one of those other times where we got dressed up to have small portions of really expensive food (lol)! After arriving home from work and getting my nails done, I had a dozen long stem roses waiting for me on my bed; I thought it was a very sweet gesture because he knows I love me some roses; still nothing clicked even though the discussion of getting married had come up several times prior to this day. After having an amazing dinner and time spent with each other, dinner was paid for and I was all ready to head home. Yves then mentioned that because it was our first time at the restaurant (which in fact it was) that they offered free cake on the house! Our waitress then brought out a plate that had “will you marry me?” written on it, Yves got down on one knee and said “Ros, will you marry me?” By this time, my face was burning from the shock and from all the attention that his proposal had drawn from everyone else in the restaurant….I answered by saying “of course, I will marry you!”