Christos Costarellos Bridal Collection

Kunbi O / Wednesday April 16, 2014
One of the best things about Bridal Fashion Week is discovering new lines. We were lucky to stumble on the beautiful designs of Christos Costarellos. Fashion designer Christos Costarellos found his brand in 1998 in Athens, Greece. Today, the House of Christos Costarellos has expanded beyond the borders of its home country, with more than 35 selling points around the globe. His aesthetic ranges from classic traditional to modern whimsy. Basically an all-in-one collection bound to make every bride happy.

From the Designer:

The 2014 Bridal Collection of Christos Costarellos combines elegance and refinement with a neo-romantic character, tastefully incorporating iconic vintage references and the timeless beauty of the past into the present. The dreamy designs of the collection subtly incorporate elements from the Greek tradition, such as the elaborate lace patterns found on the Aegean islands, as well as the clean-cut, minimal look of Ancient Greek dresses. It is also inspired by the intricate decorative patterns of Charles Frederick Worth and the understated finesse of Jeanne Lanvin. Apart from featuring luxurious materials such as embroidery and ethereal, transparent fabrics, the collection is also the culmination of the brand’s signature use of various kinds of lace sourced from Europe, masterfully composed and layered in a truly contemporary way. 

Vassilisis Sofia 55 Athens-Greece


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