Charleston Engagement Shoot by Aaron Nicholas Photography

Kunbi O / Tuesday April 29, 2014
I’m a sucker for cute natural e-sessions with heart warming details. Lisa and Scott went for a laid-back shoot around downtown Charleston, North Carolina with Aaron Nicholas Photography. If this were a cartoon there would be squiggly sun rays shooting from these images- they’re just so freaking cute! Anyway, we figured you could use an awesome pick-me-up, so here you go!

Lisa attended Northeastern University in Boston and moved to Charlotte after graduation but loved re-visiting Boston once in a while to see her college friends and the city she loved so much! In April of 2008, she booked a girls weekend to watch the Boston Marathon and ended up meeting Scott at the airport, who had just run the marathon! They were on the SAME United Airlines flight and were both headed home to Charlotte! She says she knew when she saw him sitting at the gate with all of his marathon gear on that she had to talk to him! I love a girl who can take charge of the situation! They became really good friends and even dated a little after that airport meeting back in 2008, but Lisa moved off to New York and it wasn’t until October of 2012 that they made plans to have dinner together in Charlotte and boy did the sparks fly!! Needless to say, they’ve been together ever since, flying once every other weekend to see each other! for New Years this year, they decided to spend the holiday with her sister and brother in law in Boston, where they had met in the airport over 6 years ago! It was during that trip that Scott dropped to his knee and proposed! They’re now both living in Charlotte and have the most ADORABLE Golden doodle puppy, named Olive!