APbling | Karina and Rob’s Bahamas Breeze Proposal

Kunbi O / Friday April 11, 2014
How He Asked
About two weeks prior to the proposal, Rob became very “busy”. We rarely saw each other. Little did I know that two weeks later his temporary hiatus (due to planning the surprise) would result in being the biggest surprise of my life! The day before the proposal, we finally got the chance to hang out for a bit, and I took that opportunity to voice my frustration about his lack of presence, the little communication between us, and our future (i.e. engagement, marriage). Rob causally brushed off our conversation, and made an excuse about “working” double shifts.

Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring
The day of the proposal September 7, 2013, I did some early morning errands and decided to stay in for the rest of the day. I did not receive any calls from Rob that day and I assumed it was due to him working a “double shift”. Around noon, I receive a text from two of my friends asking what I was doing that day. I told them nothing, and one of them suggested that we go to the mall and the waterfront to hang out. I jumped on the opportunity to get out of my apartment and went. After perusing the mall for what seems hours, they suggested that we go to dinner at my favorite restaurant Bahamas Breeze which is located on the waterfront. I agreed being that I was very hungry at that point.
We got to the restaurant, and waited for over an hour to be seated! When we were finally called to be seated, we were seated at dinner table with about ten seats overlooking the waterfront. I questioned my friends “why would the hostess seat us at such a large table when there’s only 3 of us?!” Being grumpy and hungry, I brushed off the awkward moment and ordered my food. While waiting on our food, I was the texting Rob hoping he was off work. He texted me back letting me know that he just got off work and was heading home. Still texting on my phone, one of my friends told me to look out the window because there were dolphins flipping out of the water. I quickly jumped up to look out the window and when I saw that there weren’t any dolphins I turned back laughing at the fact it was a joke. In the midst of laughing and turning back around, I saw Rob walking to our table and I was beside myself. I was in shock & kept asking him what was he doing here and he told me “Just wait.” Seconds after he said that his family walked in, then my mother and my best friend walked in (both lives in Maryland and I haven’t seen them in almost a year)!! I was overwhelmed with emotions and was crying so much!
After hugging my mom and best friend for about a minute, he took my hand and told to me stand. Honestly, I cannot tell you word for word what he said, but he basically professed his love for me and said he wanted to spend forever with me. He got down on one knee & pulled out this beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring ( I have always had an obsession with sapphires and the fact that it was my favorite color only heightened the obsession… Rob made note and customized my ring) and said, “Karina Ann Marie Campbell will you marry me?” Crying uncontrollably I nodded and let out a squeaky YES!!  It was the perfect ending to my day and the perfect beginning to spending forever with him!
Engagement Shoot images by DioBurto Photography

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