APbling of the Week | Dominick and Yohanna’s Amazing Church Proposal

Kunbi O / Thursday March 13, 2014
I find church proposals to be the most romantic of all. Today’s love story makes my heart smile and I’m sure it will do the same for you. Enjoy

The Proposal
For what seems like weeks ago, we were scheduled to sing a song at our church for Sunday service. I said to myself “I have such a busy schedule these past two weeks, how am I ever going to squeeze in time to practice with Dominick” ? Well lets just say I found the time, and practiced all weekend before the big duet on Sunday February 23, 2014..
We both stood in front of the whole church while the soundtrack started playing. The intro ended, which meant Dominick had to start off the song, and he didn’t. “How could he mess up, we’ve ONLY been practicing all weekend”, I thought to myself. Dom says “please stop the soundtrack, I’m a little nervous”, he continues to say ” ok play it again”. This time, a completely different soundtrack started playing, let’s just say I was beyond confused.
Dominick started to sing the song he dedicated to me when we first started dating, titled “Angel” from Casting Crowns & that’s when I just knew. I started to cry and cry, oh and did I mention cry?  There is a part of the song that says ” With a sacred promise and a ring that says it all, oh I’ve just begun to fall, and from the deepest part of me I say I do”, well right at that exact part, my sister walked in with the ring as another girl walked in with a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers (my favorite color). This moment was so surreal, just so magical. I couldn’t ask for a better husband to be.