Sunny Galveston Island Engagement Shoot

Kunbi O / Wednesday February 26, 2014
And we’re back with part two of Kristy and Desmond’s awesome engagement session by CivicPhotos. The gorgeous couple started things off with their stylish shoot at upscale furniture store-  Cantoni. Now we have a more casual and romantic session around Galveston, TX. We just can’t get enough!

How They Met
Our amazing relationship began on Facebook! Yes! we linked on Facebook when we were teenagers (me 14, he 15).  In fact, I remember him asking me to marry him then! After constantly messaging each other, we decided to OoovoO (a popular video conferencing application). We were on this thing day and night non stop! This continued for months, as we both lived on two completely different sides of the city. He didn’t drive, and I came from a strict family, so seeing each other face to face was a battle. Finally, we found a way to meet at a  halfway point- a movie theater . Seeing each other was incredible. It was like we fell in love instantly! From our first hug. Time went by, Desmond got his license, and our relationship sprouted! He drove to see me every weekend and our families grew to love each other. The road was a tad bumpy during our last year of high school and we went our separate ways….to only(unexpectedly) come back 10 times stronger!
How He Asked
Although we see each other many times a week, we set a day once a month to get dressed up and meet for a fancy dinner. Desmond knows I love to get dressed up! The week of February 8th, he told me to get all dolled up- hair, nails, everything. This time, he didn’t tell me which restaurant we were going to. He left it a surprise. Oh how excited I was to see my baby! As soon as I stepped into the five star restaurant, he told me to close my eyes. He took me up the stairs and we walked into such a nice intimate room on the top floor of the restaurant. There, he closed the door behind me, said his loving speech about his feelings for me, kneeled on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I didn’t even let him finish his words before saying YES! Not to mention, I almost grabbed the BEAUTIFUL ring out the box! This was truly an amazing moment in both of lives. It all started from us getting [fake] married on Facebook back when we were kids. Now it’s real life and it feels better than ever. He is the most amazing man I have ever met in life. We are both more than excited to start our lives together.