7 Pretty Perfect Bachelorette Party Favors and Accessories

Kunbi O / Friday February 7, 2014
Image by Britt Taylor Photography via Aisle Perfect
Happy Friday Loves! We’re so excited to have bachelorette party expert and founder of The Bach, Joanne Barken on the blog today. The Bach is an online resource that provides unique party ideas and venue recommendations for the ultimate bachelorette party.  Joanne has put together an awesome list of unique party favors to take your bachelorette party to the next level. Enjoy!

1. Chalkboard Flasks
We love these adorable chalkboard flasks from Tumbleroot. You can write your own personal messages to the bride or guests on the outside of the flasks. Then fill them with your favorite drinks for a lively night out.
2. Personalized Nail Polish
Nail polish is a common bachelorette party favor, but your guests haven’t seen nail polish quite like this! Pretty Please lets you pick your favorite color and name your hue. Have fun with a witty pun “Paint the Town Wed” or relate it to your bachelorette group.
3. Lingerie Themed Treats for Something Sweet
Give your bachelorette party guests something tasty to munch on while you are hopping around to different activities. These adorable lingerie cookies will have everyone giggling, and are available on Etsy.
4. Spa in a Jar so Everyone Feels Pampered
If you are throwing a spa party, keep the theme going for the bachelorette party favors. For an inexpensive option, fill mason jars with mini spa items. These take-home gifts are both adorable and useful! [Image by The Gunny Sack]
5. Hangover Kits so Everyone Makes it to Brunch
If your crew is planning a rowdy celebration, handout Hangover Kits to help everyone feel better the next day. You can stuff these muslin bags with Advil, Tums and mini water bottles. Everyone will thank you at brunch!
6. Minimergency Kits for the Big Day
Prepare your girls for the big day with Minimergency Kits full of wedding day essentials. These compact kits can fit in the palm of your hand but carry enough supplies to fix any last-minute disaster! You’ll all be thankful to have them just in case.
7. Handmade “Dare” Cards to Get the Party Going
Get the party going with these handmade “Dare” cards from Etsy. While this may not fall in the category of traditional favors, your guests will want to take home their “dare” cards as proof of all the fun memories they made!