Sunny British Columbia Engagement Shoot

Kunbi O / Thursday January 16, 2014
Happy Thursday! Kirsten and Adam’s sunny British Columbia engagement shoot by Marie Skerl Photography is just what we need to get through this dreary afternoon. Everything about this adorable duo is cute with a capital C. They opted to shoot at a couple of locations around White Rock, British Columbia including the amazing vertical garden at the Semiahmoo Library. Perfection!

From the Photographer Marie Skerl:
I have known Kirsten since grade 8 and when we were in grade 12, something exciting happened. Kirsten was set up on a blind date. That blind date was with Adam. They met at Starbucks and talked non-stop until they got kicked out 4 hours later! To read more of their love story and Kirsten’s version of the proposal, check it out here:  For their engagement session we wanted to incorporate parts of the proposal, so we had cinnamon buns and the book that Adam made for Kirsten titled “A Fairytale…” They read it together again on a beautiful sunny day in White Rock on a vintage chair in an apple orchard. The whole session was a blur of laughter, polaroids, sun-flare, daisies, apples, flowers, a fantastic sunset and a gorgeous couple. I loved it.

How He Asked
Adam proposed on March 3rd, 2012 on Seymour Mountain while we were snow-shoeing. He had been told he wasn’t allowed to do it on Cypress Mountain like his dad and brother-in-law. He picked me up in the morning and we stopped to get a cinnamon bun (our favorite!!) and then we headed up the mountain. I was pretty sure of what was happening so as we were going up I kept sizing him up trying to figure out where the ring was! After awhile we were both pretty exhausted, so Adam walked off the trail onto a little bluff of snow. We sat and he began pulling a bunch of random things out of his backpack like a giant pair of gloves that were his uncles! Then he told me he even brought a book! As he pulled it out, wrapped in a pillow case, I started teasing him about bringing a book snowshoeing. He told me it was wrapped because he didn’t want to ruin it. I pulled out a book written by him entitled, “A fairy-tale…”
It was a story about how we met and how our friendship grew into love, accompanied by pictures of our adventures over the years. He ended it with verses from the love chapter in 1 Corinthians 13. His somewhat awkward attempt to get UP onto 1 knee while in snowshoes drew a little giggle from between my tears. He then pulled the box from inside his coat pocket and asked me to marry him!! I managed to get out a, “mhmm!” and that was it; we were engaged!! On the way back down the trail I stopped him to show him pictures of ideas for the wedding I had saved on my cell phone and also to tell him that I wasn’t sure if I had actually said yes when he asked, but if I hadn’t, I was saying, “yes!” now. We had a quick tuna Subway lunch in the Jeep – another of our favourites! As we were pulling out of the parking lot, Adam pressed play on the CD player and the song, “It Is You I Have Loved” began to play. I had talked about having this as my aisle song and so it was just the cherry on top!:)