Top Wedding Invitation Trends by Parchment by Dami

Kunbi O / Thursday December 5, 2013
I am so excited to have Dami O guest blogging for us today. Dami is the owner and creative behind Parchment by Dami – a bespoke stationery company specializing in all things paper for your special event. We asked Dami to fill us in on a few of the great things trending in the world of wedding invitations. Enjoy!

Fozzy Book as seen in Bride and Breakfast | Image by J Lucas Reyes
Never underestimate the importance of wedding invitations. It serves as the first taste of your wedding, sort of like a preview of what is to come. 2013 has been the year of rustic (think burlap, floral garlands, kraft paper, wreaths, etc.), watercolor and chalkboard invites. I get a feeling brides are ready to turn up the elegance a notch for this upcoming wedding season. I have noticed the emergence of typeface technique trends such as laser cutting, foil stamping, and calligraphy/hand lettering. These trends are sure to stay strong through 2014. 
Laser Cutting: A process that uses a laser to cut out words and design details on invitations.
Foil Stamping: A technique in which a copper plate is used to push gold, silver or even colored metallic foils into the paper to make an impression; the foil also creates a shiny design.
Left: Bliss and Bone | Top Right: Jenna Blazevich Calligraphy and Margot Madison Creative | Bottom Right: Kimberly Fitzsimons via Oh so Beautiful Paper
Calligraphy: Artistic, stylized handwriting. Traditionally, a calligrapher would use ink and a quill or steel nib pen. Calligraphy can be used on invitations, envelopes, place cards and so on.

Hardink Calligraphy

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