Pretty Perfect: Hijab Brides

Kunbi O / Thursday December 26, 2013

Today we’re celebrating the sublime beauty of the hijab bride. A symbol of modesty and the epitome of sophistication, the hijab bride is forever proof that you don’t have to bare skin to be flawless. Here are a few swoon-worthy brides to inspire you….

Cover: Photography by Asiya | 2nd Row: Omar Carter Photography | 3rd Row: Dudu Guy Photography,   Hauri Collezione | 4th Row: Nazim Zafri | 6th Row: RESHNA Kebaya | 7th Row:  Capture Your Memory Bank |   | 8th Row:  | 10th Row:  Rnadia Sabrina ( Instagram: @rnadiasabrina) | 11th Row: Tilara Tumblr | 12th Row:  Ryan Southen Photography | 13th Row: Rountree Media Arts | 14th Row: Amna Hakim Photography via The Big Fat Indian WeddingPhotography by Asiya | 15th Row: Ahmed Rajeep Photography