Introducing ‘AP Body’ by Rexie of Muffin Tops N Love Handles

Kunbi O / Monday December 16, 2013

Mrs. O, our fabulous editor-in-chief knows a thing (or 50) about weddings. I know workouts. One lovely fall evening, our worlds collided, and here we are.
We can agree that some dresses are just more superior than others. More beautiful. More important. More sentimental. (And sometimes, definitely more expensive!) Probably the most important outfit you’ll ever wear is your wedding dress…for obvious reasons. 

Every time I think of the process of [a bride-to-be] choosing a wedding dress, I feel my temples throb and dizzy spell threatens to wash over me. Wait… it’s happening again! 

A wedding dress reveals a lot about the wearer’s style and taste. It is perhaps for this reason, brides spend substantial amounts of time, energy, money and emotion just in the hopes of finding that dress that not only mirrors their personality and stays true to their style, but makes them feel like Cinderella sans the ugly step sisters and the clocking striking 12. No pumpkin necessary.
One would think the headache of choosing a dress ends with a swipe of a Mastercard or a transfer of cash. Yeah right. 

We are women. We worry about the way our bodies look. Especially on the most important day of our lives. Will my arms resemble sausages? How much will they jiggle? Will I have back “spillage?” Will my love handles be on display? Calm down. You’re marrying the man of your dreams, and he loves you and all the “jelly” you have to offer. 
With that being said, I’m yet to meet a bride who hasn’t gone on a diet (reasonable or outrageous)and/ or picked up a gym membership (think exercise, exercise, exercise) in preparation for her wedding. If you’re out there, I’d like to shake your hand! The fitness bug can bite for many reasons: To lose weight, sculpt, or just to gain some extra confidence and feel great. Absolutely nothing wrong with that! 

It is for this reason that, [using different bridal dress styles as inspiration], this new series will serve as a crash course on bridal fitness tips and workouts to get you not only aisle ready, but Aisle Perfect!
Editorial images from Berta’s 2014 Winter collection coming to the blog soon

Didi ‘Rexie’ A might describe herself as a fitness enthusiast trying to sculpt her body with as few shortcuts or tricks as possible. She has a healthy relationship with food (and real people), wishes her knees would corporate more, and writes about her never ending journey to shrinking her waistline on her blog, Muffin Tops and Love Handles. Although not an expert, she enjoys sharing information she has gleaned on her journey, for anyone who cares to listen. Follow her on Twitter @Rexie_A