Berta Winter 2014 Bridal Collection | Exclusive Interview with the Designer

Kunbi O / Wednesday December 18, 2013
Mirror Mirror on the Aisle Perfect wall, isn’t Berta truly the fairest of them all? Yes, our favorite Israeli designer is back with PERFECTION in the form of it’s latest collection. The 2014 Winter collection features jaw dropping sheath dresses like no other. There’s embroidery, there’s lace, there’s everything (swoon!) I got a chance to see a preview of this collection during Bridal Fashion Week and I can tell you (hard as it may be to believe) that these dresses look even better in person. Berta has definitely made her mark and we can see why. Proceed at your swooning risk.

One thing I really love about this collection is that it isn’t like anything out there right now. Yes, there is that aesthetic of sheath dresses with daring silhouettes that a lot of Israeli designers have BUT there’s so much more. There’s an intricacy about Berta’s designs… For me, they are trendsetting not trending. You can just tell the woman knows what she’s doing and I love it. We caught up with the designer herself to find out more about her winter collection.

How and when did you start out in  bridal wear?
I have been a bridal designer for as long as I remember. I started designing at the age of 21, and have been doing that for 17 years now. I obviously love fashion in general, and as a teenager, my first job was as a designer for a company who made ready to wear clothing. It was nice, but I was more attracted to bridal. While working in this company, I started designing bridal gowns from my house at nights. Only when I designed bridal dresses I felt I’m expressing my artistic side. It felt so natural, ideas just kept on coming to me, and I sat at home sewing all night long! I enjoyed every minute of it. Still enjoying it till this day (and even more now).
Inspiration behind the 2014 Winter collection
As in every collection, my inspiration this year derived from many different places: movies, theatre and history. Probably the main inspiration for this collection is Western Europe of the 15th and 16th centuries. In those days of prosperity in Europe, fashion was characterized by complex fabrics, lots of sleeves and long trains. Under my interpretation, those gowns are also sexy and reveling many open backs, some completely open and some with a see through fabric in the back. There are many designs this year that come with natural long trains, and there is also an option to add detachable trains to most of the designs in this collection.
What was different about this collection?
Despite being a designer for as long as I have, I always try to invent myself. Of course there is a connecting line between my different collections over the years, although this year I felt I went all the way with my vision – didn’t let any consideration go in the way. It is pure art. I’m not looking to be mainstream, not looking to follow trends. I’m doing what I know – high fashion, with the use of premium fabrics and craftsmanship of the highest level.

What is your favorite bridal fashion trend right now ?
I’ve been using long trains for many years now, and it seem like it is now becoming trendy – so that would be it.
2013 was a big year for Berta in terms of breaking into the international market.. what do we have to look forward to in 2014? 


We indeed had an amazing year, although it’s still the beginning. Our process of worldwide expansion is still going full steam ahead. I see it as very important to make my collection available in more countries around the world – we get so many brides contacting us wanting to get one of my designs for their wedding, and it breaks my heart to tell them that it is not possible because we yet to have a stockist in their country.      
Advice to brides on the wedding dress selection process and on planning in general:
As important as everything is – the food, music, drinks, photography- You must keep in mind that your wedding dress is THE most important thing. You can compromise on many things, but the only thing you will truly regret is not wearing your dream wedding dress. That’s what people will remember, and that’s what you will look at when looking through your wedding albums in 20 years.
Thanks SO much to Berta and her amazing team for stopping by our blog. We look forward to an even more awesome 2014. Ladies, Berta is now available in over 20 stockists around the world so get to ordering. For a complete list of stores and trunk shows, visit www.bertabridal.com or email bertabridal@gmail.com
Photography: Dudi Hasson
Hair and Makeup: Naor Appel