Wedding Dresses: Julie Vino 2014 Collection

Kunbi O / Wednesday November 6, 2013
Prepare to swoon ladies! Israeli designer Julie Vino‘s latest collection of dresses will blow your mind.  We already had our worlds rocked with the designer’s 2013 collection and now… this! You know that aesthetic we love from Israeli designers? The gorgeous peasant blouses, backless bodices and sensual silhouettes. Yeah, Julie Vino took that, made a few tweaks and perfected it. We’re in love!
From the Designer:

This collection is a direct continuation of Julie Vino’s unique hallmark of sensual and glamorous wedding gowns. This collection is designed with geometric cuts that create a perfect harmony with the feminine curves. A combination of transparent and opaque fabrics create an even stronger illusion of a slim and tall figure.

Julie Vino’s studio is located at 11 Marzuk Ve-Ezer St., Tel Aviv, Israel. If you would like to make an appointment or find out more about ordering one of these gorgeous dresses, please visit or call +972-(0)77-501-0065 or +972-(0)3-518-5958.