#KO2012 Our Anniversary

Kunbi O / Monday September 2, 2013
I feel weird doing this post without our official wedding pictures as this was supposed to be a full blown wedding post ( I already have it prepared). I hope to have them up sometime this month though- so yay! Yesterday was our anniversary and it literally was the most emotional day ever for us. My heart is so full of joy for the amazingness that has happened over the last year. I tell you, my God is awesome! Aisle Perfect started as a wedding planning diary for my big day and has now ballooned into something extraordinary. I get excited every single day I share wedding inspiration with you and I can’t wait for the future holds. Whatever the case, I really hope to share our pictures by Collins Metu Photography with you soon- I feel like a con artist ugh.  To catch up on all things Kunbi and Olamide (#KO2012) click HERE