Glam Las Vegas Engagement Session

Kunbi O / Tuesday September 10, 2013
Man I love Las Vegas. Everything is just so opulent and larger than life- talk about a dream city. Today we have the super glam e-session of Wendie Amos and Deji Olagoke by the king of editorial engagement shoots Raheem of RHphotoarts. I’m just going to go on record to say I am OBSESSED with Wendie’s outfit choices- I need each piece in my closet like NOW but I digress. Wendie and Deji met their senior year of high school, they locked eyes, someone thought someone was cute and the rest as they say is history.
Inspiration behind the shoot: We wanted something a little bit different from the normal walk in the park photo shoot, so when we met up with Raheem we came up with the idea of going to Vegas and shooting at the red rock canyon and getting shots along the strip. Vegas has a much different vibe from Houston so it was perfect for us. We really wanted to step outside the box a little bit and nothing says out-the-box like Las Vegas! 

All images courtesy of RHphotoarts | Bride’s Outfit 1: Aqua by Aqua | Bride’s Outfit 2: Designed by a Friend | Bride’s Outfit 3: Herve Leger