Atlanta Engagement Session by DIM Pictures

Kunbi O / Thursday August 1, 2013

TGIT! Woop! this week flew by and we couldn’t be any happier. To celebrate we have Loko and Bola’s adorable engagement shoot and love story. The kitchen engagement shoot was shot by DIM pictures while the adorable outdoor pictures are courtesy of Asiyami Gold.  How cute is Loko’s striped dress? Okay I digress. We wish Loko and Bola a lifetime of happiness together. Enjoy!

How They Met
The first time Bola ever spoke to me he insulted my (boxed baked) brownies and told me his ‘from scratch’ baking was better than mine. I immediately wrote him off! Lucky for him (and me I guess 🙂 he is persistent. In getting to know him, I eventually found out that his cooking and baking are pretty amazing but his culinary skills are just one of many awesome things about him. The way we see it, “the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach”. So, in  thinking of an engagement session that reflected us, we could not think of a better place to start the shoot than in our kitchen. Surrounded by good food and fine wine we were really able to be ourselves in our pictures and we are happy with the outcome.
How He Asked
Fast forward three years from the graduation party, one night Bola invited himself over to my house. This was unusual because he knew I would be working late that evening. Nevertheless, he showed up with his usual charm and convinced me that I had worked enough for the day and needed to have another wonderful meal à la Bola. And what a wonderful meal it was! True to how we met I found a beautiful engagement ring strategically placed with my brownies
What They are Looking Forward to
Spending forever in love and building a life and future together. (Sappy I know! But it is true….)