Liberty State Park Engagement Session of Nkechi and Curtis

Kunbi O / Friday July 5, 2013
We’re excited to share Nkechi and Curtis’ engagement session by the ever-so-talented Joshua Dwain with you today. This couple definitely give off the “we’re hopelessly in love and we know it” vibe and it makes us all warm and gooey inside. Nkechi and Curtis’ love story is based off the most powerful love of all and it really doesn’t get better than that. We wish this perfect pair a lifetime of happiness and favor together.

How They Met
We met at church after a subway outreach and all night prayer meeting. Apparently, I was sitting on the ground of the lobby and he decided to “brighten up my day” by introducing himself as the ‘dopest’ character in Manhattan. On that day both our hearts skipped a beat.
How He Asked
So Curtis bought the ring, which was an amazing blessing from the Lord. He asked my parents, who gave their blessing and he was basically going to keep it simple and spring it on me at dinner but family and friends intervened.They kept asking him how he planned on proposing and after much consideration and prayer, the idea was birthed.
Curtis picked one of the most special places to us, the Pier at Exchange Place in Jersey City, and he proceeded to invite a lot of our friends and family to come watch it all happen. On our way back from a couples gathering in the city, we made our way to the Pier. The whole entire evening, I noticed he was acting suspicious but it still didn’t click! Apparently, everybody was converging on the PATH train AT THE SAME TIME- we were literally surrounded by our surprise guests. He finally came up with a safe detour – we grabbed a quick bite and after the danger passed, hopped on the train towards the Pier. It was the perfect crisp and clear night with a full moon rising over the city and as he led me to the tip of the Pier, our friends crept up behind us screaming and capturing the moment on their phones. Then Curtis dropped to his knee at which point I yelled “WHAT THE HECK” ..tearing up, I finally realized that this was it! He asked me to marry him and all I remember was I said YES!!!!  PRAISE GOD!
What They’re Looking Forward To
We look forward to enjoying our friendship and to having a blast experiencing God’s continued faithfulness in this life he’s blessed us with!
Inspiration Behind the Shoot
It was a no-brainer for us to shoot at Liberty State Park because it’s very significant to our relationship. We both prayed for our mates there before we met, and once God finally brought us together we thoroughly enjoyed it. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the park is so beautiful and has the most GORGEOUS view of the Manhattan Skyline.
All images courtesy of Joshua Dwain Photography