Bling of the Week | Pam and Victor’s Proposal Story

Kunbi O / Wednesday July 24, 2013
The best love stories begin where you least expect. An unwelcome meeting two years ago blossomed into forever.  Pam and Victor’s proposal story might be a bit unorthodox-In fact, they had begun planning a wedding without a proposal (I love it!). All that aside, Victor still made sure to sneak in a surprise proposal. Here’s their story…
How They Met
My fiancé, Victor and I have been together for 2 years and 3 months now. I met him in the weirdest of situations (I hate to talk about it haha maybe if AP readers bribe me?) and never thought we would end up together.He asked me out on a dinner date in March of 2011 and to say I was uninterested would be too much of an understatement. I said yes to him only because I didn’t have a good enough reason to say no and figured I could cancel before the end of the week. Fast forward till Thursday and he sends me a message asking if our date was still on for the next day. I’d completely forgotten to cancel. Ughh!!! I said yes in the most reluctant way expecting him to get the message and cancel by himself but instead he hit me with a shocker “Nice. Would you like to go to the movies before dinner?” in my head, I was like “Can’t this one get the message sef?” haha, anyway, today, I’m extremely glad as this was the best decision I ever made.
When They Knew

The best thing about our relationship has been our friendship- Victor and I are friends first, like proper ‘roll dawgs’ haha. We enjoy each other’s company thoroughly. From the very beginning, the minute he came to me to lay down his intentions, he said he wanted us to end up married so it had always been tucked somewhere at the back of our minds that we would end up together.

Sometime around Easter, after a long discussion we started to discuss what sort of wedding we wanted, when we wanted it by and all that good stuff. We were, more or less, planning our wedding without being formally engaged. LOL, such weirdos!  Amidst all this, I let him know I wanted a “proper” proposal regardless. I didn’t want to just “fall” into the marriage, I wanted to be wooed.  His response was always the same – “Oh, that’s long jo. We already know what we want….you’re such a girl…proposals are just a formality…blah blah blah”.  We even made a trip to the jewelers to see what kind of ring I wanted and he tried to buy it on the spot- I.WAS.NOT.HAVING.IT!

How He Asked

 In May, during a trip to the UK, my life changed forever. We were visiting Victor’s sister one evening and everything seemed absolutely normal. After dinner, we all sat in the living room; his parents, his sister and her husband, Victor and I, just talking about plans for the wedding and somehow the conversation went to “Oh, Victor, aren’t you giving Pamela an engagement ring?” or something like that. We all had a good laugh at that point when I told them about all the ways he had tried to escape proposing. Victor started to explain how we didn’t need rings to define our commitment to each other and talked about how we met and how we had grown in the time we had been together. Next thing I knew, he stood up and I saw a bulge in his pocket and I’m like “Wait, Mr Man! What’s that?!?!”  I was still trying to make sense of it all when he got down on one knee and brought out a little black box which had in it this beautiful ring, the exact one I wanted.

I couldn’t stop laughing because I was wondering how he went from anti proposal to looking like a right knight in front of me on one knee. Anyway, I stopped laughing long enough to say “Yes”. It was such a lovely moment, among loving family; I don’t think I would have wanted it any other way. Victor is the man I want to spend forever with because he’s kind hearted, funny, loving and I’m extremely excited about the future and I know it holds much more laughter for both of us.