7 Great Thank You Gift Ideas for your Parents on your wedding day

Kunbi O / Wednesday July 3, 2013
They have been there for you your whole life, raised you, molded you into the bride or groom you are today. Want to show your appreciation to your parents in a physical way (the hardest thing to show is gratitude)? Here are some of our favorite thank you ideas….

1. Personalized Hanger 
My friend Fona gave my mother a similar hanger at #KO2012. It was the most thoughtful thing ever.  Get one  here
2. Picture Memories 
A sweet gift from daughter to father. You can do this in many ways. Including framing a picture of  you and your parent from the wedding (or having a special shot taken just for them on that day)and including a note in the back. 


3. Handkerchief Keepsakes
Is your Dad/Mum a hanky person? A personalized embroidered handkerchief is super thoughtful and will last forever.  You can embroider a whole lot of things so you don’t have to limit yourself to just hankies. up to you! I LOVE this idea.
4. Jewelry/ Accessories
There’s nothing jewelry can’t say. Etsy and Things Remembered have awesome personalized necklaces and cufflinks.

5. Spa Day- yay!

The wedding planning process can be stressful for the parents too. You could show your gratitude with a nice relaxing day at the spa or even a gift certificate for a massage. Everyone needs a massage okay? 
6. Charitable Donations
In our case, we decided to do something a bit different. Our parents are very passionate people, whether it be about their Churches or their Charities. We made donations to each parent’s favorite cause, something they  truly appreciated. 
7. Say it with a Note
At the end of the day, nothing says Thank You and I Love You like a heartfelt note. 
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