San Francisco SWAT Engagement Shoot

Kunbi O / Thursday June 6, 2013
An Officer and a Gentleman.. A fitting description for today’s engagement shoot by Jasmine Lee Photography. Kevin is a member of the San Francisco SWAT team and the photographer was able to shoot (giggles at pun) at the San Francisco Police Station. I love the sharp contrast between the hardness of the location and the softness the couple obviously share. There’s something super gooey about this couple (Sorry Officer Kevin!) and we love it!
From the Photographer:

I was in photographer’s heaven! Not very many people get to go inside the San Francisco Police Station let alone go INSIDE the SWAT vehicle! Or climb the ladder to the top and go through the roof of the SWAT vehicle! Leslie and Kevin were one of the most fun couples I have ever photographed. They’re always laughing together! I loved it! We had an amazing time photographing all angles of the SWAT vehicle. May I add that that vehicle was beefy!! We then headed to the Presidio where it was freezing cold. We all were freezing but we kept trying to convince ourselves that WE were in Hawaii

All images courtesy of Jasmine Lee Photography. Website