Chic NYC Engagement Shoot by Studio Adetayo

Kunbi O / Thursday June 27, 2013
Happy Thursday lovers! We have a great love story to share with you today and it comes with the most gorgeous engagement pictures by Studio Adetayo. Flo and Jarvis have known each other most of their lives but one day feelings changed and their journey to forever began. We’ll let Flo do the sharing.
 From the Bride:
How We Met 

Jarvis and I met in Miami, Fl where we attended middle and high school together. Although we never dated growing up, we were always great friends. We flirted with the idea of getting together on occasion, but never found each other single at the right time.

7 years later…On December 25th 2005, we reconnected at a high school gathering. That night we spent the whole night talking to each other and  ignoring everyone else. Toward the end of the night we exchanged information and the rest is history.

 When We Knew

I moved to New York in June of 2010, after which we were stuck together like glue. It wasn’t long before we started thinking about our future, which lead to: thinking about marriage, talking about marriage, looking at apartments and buying a new home (He couldn’t pass up the great market!!). I didn’t waste any time dropping countless hints to Jarvis about needing a ring on my finger, and while he patiently listened to me, (bless his heart!) I had no idea he had already made some very special plans.

The Proposal

Jarvis planned a luxurious dinner at Eleven Madison Park where he wined and dinned me through a 15-course meal. He stopped my heart in the middle of the 13th course with a beautiful diamond ring served on a bed of flower petals. With tears of joy, I mostly certainly said, “Yes”

What We’re Looking Forward To
We are looking forward to September 1, 2013, when we finally say ‘I Do’. We are excited for our honeymoon, getting a jump start on creating our family and just the endless possibilities we can create together as man and wife. We can’t wait!!
Vendors: All images courtesy of Studio Adetayo | Makeup by Heidi Evora-Santiago for Damali NYC