AP Spotlights Los Angeles Photographer Melody Melikian Photography

Kunbi O / Friday June 14, 2013
Every now and again, you come across talent that literally blows you away. It may sound a bit dramatic, but it is true and it definitely is the case with today’s Spotlight feature. We were first introduced to Melody Melikian Photography after we stumbled on the gorgeousness that was Nare’s Bridal Shower by CMC Events (click here for our feature). Melody’s photographs are striking to say the least and make you feel everything the subject is feeling .. everything. Her passion for her craft is unmistakable and shines strongly through her product making her one of our favorite wedding photographers ever. We could go on and on about Melody Melikian Photography but hey! we’ll let her do the sharing instead… Enjoy!

AP: Introduce Melody Melikian Photography:

 I am a self-taught photographer based in Los Angeles. The first time I touched a professional camera was at the age of 22 and I have been trying to find my way through this journey ever since. I love natural light and the magic it creates at certain times of the day. I take a photojournalistic approach and aim to document an authentic version of my subjects and their story. I feel that in order to produce photos that radiate life and energy, a photographer must be able to connect with their subjects and feel what they are feeling…this is my main focus and goal every time I pick up a camera. Ultimately, I feel that getting to know your clients as individuals is just as important as the technicalities.

AP: Describe the MM packages? 
Melody Melikian Photography offers packages for event and portrait sessions. Event packages are customized based on the amount of coverage the client needs. Portrait sessions have a standard session fee that results in digital images for clients to print and distribute as they please. Since each individual has unique requests, please inquire for more information on specific packages.


Do you travel (1) Within US (2) International?
 The answer to traveling is always yes. I am an avid traveler and think one of the most amazing aspects of my job is the possibility of travel.
AP: What inspired you to go into photography?
 I wouldn’t be honest if I said I had been dreaming of becoming a photographer as a little girl. I can safely say that it was a beautiful blessing that fell into my lap when I was planning a different path in life. Today, I can confidently say it is an obsession of mine. In the beginning, I was intrigued by taking on the the important job of capturing fleeting moments of people’s lives. Every day photography gives me the opportunity to focus on the beauty in nature, from the way sunlight hits the trees to the color changes of the different seasons. I have met so many amazing people that I now call friends and have shared so many important days with them…for this, I will always be thankful. 
AP: what is your favorite thing about wedding photography?
I have recently started my journey with wedding photography along with the bridal showers and engagements leading up to the day. I love capturing the raw emotion that exists not only between two people who are starting their lives together but their family and friends who are so evidently happy to share the moment with them. Although capturing the big moments are crucial for any photographer, I especially love shooting what happens in between. It is a time of hope as well as bittersweet endings. Exchanges of words between the bride and groom, expressions of proud parents, special moments with grandparents, out-of-the-ordinary occurrences during preparation, and candids of an onlooker during the first dance are just some examples of the kind of shots I look forward to capturing.


AP: Name some of your favorite places you have shot.
Ireland would have to be the most naturally beautiful place I have ever been, or photographed. I was in sheer awe of the landscape, and more intrigued to capture nature than ever before.
AP: Any advice for brides on the wedding planning process?
Being somewhat of a newlywed myself, and working with brides-to-be, here is some advice I can share:
  • Never lose sight of why you’re having a wedding in the first place: to celebrate the love between you and your significant other. Although I love beautiful wedding details…no dress, cake, venue, budget or centerpiece is worth arguing over and starting your new lives together with such negative energy.
  • Be present: too often I see brides and brides-to-be so caught up in the small things that they forget to attend their own event. I can totally feel the disconnect behind the lens and in the photographs after.
  • Choose your vendors wisely: Every individual has their own unique taste and style. Therefore, make sure you connect with the individual behind the work. As a photographer, I would like to know that my clients can see themselves in my work and that we are on the same page with our vision.
  • Trust the creative process of the people you hire…especially your photographer/videographer of the day. Art is a process without a specific formula. When I know my clients trust me, I am at my 100% best and free to shoot what I love and what I feel best tells the story of the day.
For more information on Melody Melikian Photography visit her website or email Melody at melody.melikian@gmail.com