AP Spotlight: Faye Smith Makeup + Hair {Canada}

Kunbi O / Thursday June 27, 2013

Who’s got your back? We do! Today and tomorrow we are spotlighting two talented makeup artists from two different parts of the world. First off on our list is the fabulous Faye Smith Makeup. Operating out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Faye Smith Makeup and Hair is a network of highly skilled artists covering all areas of the makeup and hair industry. We really don’t have to do too much selling here as the proof really is in the pictures. Check it !

Tell us a little about Faye Smith Makeup

I began my training in makeup in the UK in 2007 and absolutely fell head over heels in love with it! My teacher hired me as her assistant and we were on huge sets for opera shows. This was where I was exposed to the potential of this career. I knew I needed to learn more and knowing that was what bought me to Vancouver. I studied at world renowned makeup school, Blanche Macdonald, in 2008 and graduated in 2009. During schooling I began networking, volunteering and getting work in all areas of the industry; fashion, beauty, bridal, theatre, tv and film and more. 

I officially launched Faye Smith Makeup & Hair in 2009 and at this point, it was just myself as a freelancer. Now in 2013 my company consists of myself and 14 other artists who I consider to be as talented, experienced and reliable as myself. I am extremely picky with the artists I hire as I only want to offer the very best service to all of my clients. It doesn’t matter if you are a bridesmaid and not a bride, you are still going to get the best! Everyone on my team has a huge passion for makeup and/or hair and I love that.

What inspired you to go into makeup services?

I was always very good at art but at the same time I have always had a big business head. I began working at the age of 14 because I wanted to buy more shoes and clothes. My mom told me if I want it, I have to earn it. So I did! 

Coming out of school and thinking about university, the idea of going and studying art for 3 years scared me. What, am I going to become a famous painter or something?!? I took makeup and photography courses part time at college while I continued working to earn money. I was pretty much just buying myself some time to think. Funnily enough, my thinking time lead me down the life path that was so obviously made for me. And here I am now =]

What is your favorite thing about weddings?

I absolutely love weddings! Most artists I speak to find weddings boring and stressful. Not me! I absolutely love the connection I have with every bride. The genuine care I have for them. I must exchange at least 20 emails with every bride, speaking about the fine details, perfecting every little thing. I organize things for them, I make a schedule, I ensure everyone is prepared for everything. I just love it! By the time the wedding day comes, the bride is my friend and I am bought to tears when I see her all dolled her in her dress. It is very emotional.

Who are some of your favorite vendors you have worked with?

I definitely have some favourite wedding vendors =] Fairy God Mothers are my favourite wedding planners! I met them at a wedding show and fell in love with their bubbly personalities. They are fun and modern but most important, organized!

For wedding photographers, I love Blush Wedding Photography, Denise Lin Photography and Kuna Lu Photography. Amazing artists. Most weddings pictures I get back are so cheesy and boring but there is real life and story in these vendors images!

What is your go to makeup tip for brides?

Get facials!!! I send all of my bridal clients to Lale Senay at Muse Salon over on Cambie and 15th. This woman has changed my life! I had perfect skin until the age of 21 and them boom, adult acne hits me! I wore a cake face every day to cover it up and I hated taking it off. Lale told me to come and try her microdermabrasion facials using Eminence Organics Skincare. She also prescribed a home care regime for me. You should see my skin now, 98% flawless 98% of the time! I have sent brides who have really bad skin to her and by the wedding day, the change is just amazing! Good skin makes for good makeup. And drink lots of water

What Packages do you Offer?

Bridal Hair & Makeup Package – $350 (includes a hair and makeup trial, hair and makeup on the wedding day and a set of lashes)

Bride Hair OR Makeup Package – $200 (include a hair OR makeup trial, hair OR makeup on the wedding day and lashes are included if the chosen service is makeup).

The bride gets the advantage of being able to call, email or text me at any time to get any info she or advise she needs =]

What advice do you have for brides (a) On beauty preparations for their big day (b) on the wedding planning process in general 

a) answer would be the same as question 5. As well, getting a trim 2 weeks before the wedding and washing your hair the night before the wedding is a big hair tip. 

b) Book your vendors in advance! I cannot tell you how many last minute brides I get and they are always disappointed that I am not available yet happy I have a comparable artist they can still go with. Good vendors book up really fast so if you want them, go get them early ;-P

Thanks for stopping by the blog Faye! 

Faye Smith Makeup & Hair

Apartment 217
336 East 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5T 1A7

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