AP Spotlights New York Wedding Planner Michelle Elaine Weddings

Kunbi O / Friday May 24, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone! We hope you’ve had an amazing week so far. We are starting the weekend off right with our next AP Spotlight! One of the perks of doing what we do is that we get to meet a host of great talent in the industry. One we have been fortunate to meet is the amazing Michelle of Michelle Elaine Weddings. M.E.W is a wedding planning outfit perfect for the bride looking to bring the chic. We are so impressed with the fabulous work Michelle and her team continuously shell out and are excited to bring them to you today. Enjoy!

Tell us a little about M.E.W.

Michelle Elaine Weddings is a full service event planning company specializing in, well, weddings! We cater to various steps in the planning process; Day Of, Partial Planning and of course Full Service!

M.E.W. doesn’t stop there, oh no! We also offer services that reach your inner Fashionista {twist and finger snap!}

Health nut or couch potato? We offer additions that help keep you on a healthy track for your wedding AND the rest of your lives together!

From my background in Fashion, married with my passion for marathon running, it was inevitable to expand my wedding category into many pieces!

What inspired you to go into planning?

To be completely honest, event planning came to me! I studied Fashion and came to New York City with no intention other than to succeed in that industry. Along came an internship opportunity with David Tutera and the rest is history 🙂

Describe the M.E.W method of planning? 

The key to the M.E.W. method of planning goes by the saying “If you’re early, you’re on time.” Couples hire me to eliminate stress, correct? Yes! The way I make that happen is by ALWAYS being ahead of the game.

What is your favorite part of the planning process? 
Getting to know my couples! I absolutely LOVE hearing the stories of how they met. I hear stories from “we met online” to “we met on the NYC water taxi going to Ikea” . . . they’re always the best!

What is your favorite thing about weddings? 
This is quite difficult to choose one thing but here goes . . . my favorite thing is seeing it.
You plan, stress, DIY yourself to death and when the day comes, all of the set-up is complete and the string trio is being cued for ceremony, it’s just such an awe inspiring moment to step back and look at what you’ve created . . . seeing the smiles on your couples’ faces, it’s just an indescribable feeling.
Weddings touch the heart and soul and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

What are some of your favorite venues in NYC?
India House, it’s downtown vintage chic vibe with a slight twist of modern, located in a prime location of Manhattan on Stone Street, it’s certainly one of a kind!

Another would have to be The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers; floor to ceiling windows wrapped around the building to display gorgeous views in the daytime or evening and the industrial style interior design is soooo NYC. Love!

Why should brides hire a planner?
It’s not only important to have that professional support but it’s a beautiful thing to have inside to some of the greatest connections as well as secrets … yes, I share industry secrets, but only with my couples 🙂

Wedding Planners have the capability to pull strings wherever and whenever because of their knowledge of the industry and, a couple dozen great people that they may know 😉

We know what to negotiate and for how much, we know what is comparable to your budget and what needs more or less. WE keep YOU on track so that you don’t overspend! We’re on your team and that’s so important for newly engaged couples to know!

You also gain a strong partner to help you along the way. It can get brutal at several stages in the planning process and it’s such a luxury to fall back on your wedding planner to stress, worry and fix for you!

Any advice for brides to be on the planning process?
My advice, as always, is . . . HAVE FUN! Your wedding will only come but once in a lifetime and there is no rewind button. Yes, you are bound to get stressed, that is natural with planning your big day. However, don’t let it take over. This is a celebration of love and unity and sharing that with your closest friends and loved ones. So grab your wedding organizer and enjoy the beautiful ride of planning together . . . and hey, stressing out TOO much? I’m just a phone call, email or text away!

Thank You M.E.W for stopping by the blog! 

For more information on Michelle Elaine Weddings please contact:

Michelle E.
website: michelle-elaine.com
phone: 631.902.9504