AP Love Stories: DaNi

Kunbi O / Thursday May 9, 2013
Yay our latest installment of Love Stories is here and it features one of my favorite couples! Dami and Niyi (DaNi) are the most adorable people you’ll ever meet. They’re both so hardworking, HILARIOUS and Lord are they creative! You might remember Dami as the fabu-lista who designed my ‘Will You be my Bridesmaid‘ cards (she owns Parchment by Dami an awesome stationery company). Anyway, their relationship is so beautiful and it is clear they are meant to be together.  Enjoy!

AP: Introduce Yourselves:
Dami: Child of God. Obsessed with the little kindergarten girls I get to teach daily, dogs, shoes, and personalized E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, all while building a stationery empire.
Niyi: Nigerian born; moved to Houston, U.S.A. at 14, and decided I wanted to study fashion design when I finished college. Next thing you know I am on the 3 Train in Manhattan working on building my line.
AP: How long have you been married?
We will be married for 3 years on July 24th this year.
AP: How did you meet?
Dami: We saw each other several times around campus, but finally met at a friend’s party. We (my sisters and I) were curious about him and since our friend knew him, we got her to invite him to her party. To be honest, my sister thought he was so cool because of the way he dressed and he just seemed out of place at school. I could care less. Back then my sisters and I Gave everyone nicknames, so we coined him “omo britiko” (british boy) after a nigerian movie with the same name because he just seemed so out of place.
AP: What were your first impressions of each other?
Dami “This boy is weird with “bonfo” high water pants. (Apparently he and Thom Browne were seeing the same witchdoctor)
Niyi: “She looks strange for a sorority girl. I dislike sorority girls. HOWEVER… I must know her!”
AP: What is your favorite memory of the wedding?
The dancing! We had a little lounge, personalized drinks, midnight treats and a fiyah DJ that kept the party going!
AP: What do you admire most about your significant other?
 Dami: His individuality – If you meet my husband, then you will see that he is one of a kind… And I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂
Niyi: Dami is the most ambitious woman I know! She makes me step out of my comfort zone and be spontaneous. There are so many things I would not have considered doing if not for her. And boy does she have a spirit of discernment. Husbands… some advice here…. never doubt your wife’s intuition.

AP: What does your other half do for you on your bad days to make you happy?
Dami: He is at my beck and call, seriously he literally is always THERE for me.
Niyi: She never allows me to wallow in sorrow. Talking to her makes me realize how fortunate I am. She is the constant optimist.
AP: What is the one thing you would want to do with your other half that you haven’t done already (like a bucket list)?
 Dami: We are quite random, I don’t even think we’ve ever said those words. We just randomly decide what we feel like doing and we do it. We’ve recently been discussing trying out all the 3 star Michelin restaurants.
Niyi: Bucket Lists? shouldn’t you live life everyday like it’s your last?

AP: What is the one habit your other half has that irks you out?
Dami: Niyi does this sound thing with his throat when he has a cold that just kills me.
Niyi: Changing stories mid-sentence (AARRRRGGGGGHHHH FINISH YOUR STORY!!!).
AP: What has your other half recently done that made you love them more?
Dami: I know this might sound like a cliche but EVERYTHING. He walks me to work in the mornings, the bed is always laid to perfection when I get back home (He knows that my national pastime is to sleep and it doesn’t get better than a crisp sheet). I always switch up our bedroom decor every season. Even though I know he thinks I am doing the most, this time he helped switch out the curtains:)

Niyi: Tagging along with me to Fabric while we were on a recent vacation to London. It was late (Like 2 in the morning); she had a wedding to plan; the place is huge and the music is pretty weird. But she came out. If that isn’t love then I don’t know what is.Dami: It’s called peer pressure

AP: Describe your other half in three words.
Dami:  Patient, Selfless, Weird
Niyi: Driven, Meticulous,Inspirational
AP: Finally, what advice do you have for people considering marriage & newlyweds? 
Dami:Don’t set up any big ridiculous unrealistic happily ever after scenarios, because you are both human after all. Take it a day at a time. Carpe Diem. Love hard, forgive hard and party together even harder! And for people considering, being married is not a trophy. It is a beautiful journey, that should only be embarked on when you are ready! And the most important of all for those planning and those that are in it, is so read your Bible and pray together everyday! With Jesus in the mix, you will ALWAYS be good! 
Niyi: Marriage. It is great, but it takes alot of effort to keep and maintain it. you really have to pull your sleeves up and dig real deep. You have to understand where your strengths in your relationship and use it to build each other up. It is hard work. Plus, take your time, soak everything in, and enjoy it. Take time to learn about one another. And if one day your spouse comes home and says “Hey we should pack our bags and move to Mallorca,” considering it might be the greatest thing to happen to your marriage. 
Dami: Niyi, you are just weird!

Thank you DaNi for sharing your love story with us.

image sources: Couple, Collins Metu