#KO2012 DIY Wedding Favor CD

Kunbi O / Wednesday April 17, 2013

One of our wedding favors was a CD compilation of our favorite love songs. Listen guys, I’m a romantic.. a raging one. After scouring the internet for a couple of hours, I realized I couldn’t afford to spend more than a certain amount on this project so I decided to do it myself ( yay DIY)

Step 1.  Prepare a playlist of your favorite tunes on Itunes, save it (in order of how you would like it to play of course).

Step 2.  Burn, Burn, Burn… this was the fun and most tedious part as you have to keep going. Since I had to make over 200 CDs, I did a couple a week, my friend Allison was beyond amazing enough to offer to help. She did about a 100 of these bad boys for me during her spare time.

Step 3.  Pick up printable CD labels from your Office Supplies store and get to designing. I used Avery’s inkjet cd labels available at Staples. Purchase or download a CD label Maker- I used IwinSoft for ours.

Step 4. Upload whatever image you would like to use (we used the same image from our caricature save the dates) and center as required. You should be able to include text through your label maker but if not, try playing around with any watermark creator app.

Step 5.  Okay now, You have your design, do a couple of practice prints, adjust accordingly and get to printing.

Step 6. Make the CD case. I totally did not budget enough time to make these so ended up ordering some from Etsy. However I will do a post on making it yourself next month. It really isn’t that difficult. {here’s a link to a quick and simple DIY cover}

At the end of the day, we saved about 40% of what it would have cost to purchase these ready made. 200 blank CDs cost about $40 total; the cd labels totaled about $100;  I ended up spending $100 on the sleeves but that really was because of the time crunch.
 I  put a lot of love into our wedding favors and I’m so glad they came out well. Look out for another favors-related post coming soon 😀
*you should definitely note that there might be a licensing issue with reproducing and distributing certain songs even if you are not making money from it. Just a sound warning (see what i did there?)*