AP Proposal: Nadine and Ken

Kunbi O / Thursday April 18, 2013
My dear friend and AP reader Nadine got engaged to her long-time boyfriend Kindrick last month. Thankfully, she remembered her lifetime contract with Aisle Perfect and sent over her proposal story. You know when you just know two people are meant to be together? Yeah, that’s Nadine and Kindrick. Their relationship is one for the books and I  know Nadine is going to make an über fabulous bride. She’s neck-deep into planning already and has been handling things like a boss haha. Congratulations Nads and Ken! We’re so excited for #Baz2014 

My fiancé Ken and I have known each other for 11 years. Yes, we met in my senior year of high school.  We did not know then what I know now: we weremeant to be through thick and thin.  Wecelebrated college graduations, the opening of his joint venture film company, andlaw school admissions together.  He wasmy backbone during that torrential bar exam. I love my fiancé with all my heartand thank the Lord above for bringing him into my life.  Now, time to discuss the magical night heproposed to me, on Friday, March 1, 2013, in New York, NY. 

Friday Morning: My Father NearlySpills the Beans
On Friday morning, my dad accidentally informs me that my now fiancé Ken requested permission for my hand inmarriage.  He did not realize that Ken was trying to surprise me. This was a cultural difference. According to my dad, proposals are not a surprise in his country and heapologized. 

Friday Afternoon: My Friends Cover My Father’s Tracks
I was a little thrown by the conversation with my dad and wassuspicious of whether Ken was going to propose to me that day.  I texted my two close friends from law school,Keiyana and Kate.  They told me not toworry, since Ken would never propose so close to my birthday (my birthday isMarch 25).  They also assured me thatguys tend to ask permission several months in advance of a proposal.  They successfully threw me off the scent.  I know now that Ken had been working secretlywith both of them for this proposal.

My plansMy Friday night plans entailed meeting up with my girlfriendFrancesca.  She had an out-of-town family emergency and needed me to “dog- sit” for 24 hours. Later on in the day, she canceled claiming she didn’t have to go anymore.  However, she felt bad that Ihad lugged my overnight bag to work etc., and offered to treat me todinner via a groupon deal she had.  Thedeal included a free bottle of wine, so I could not say no.

His PlansKen had plans to go to Pennsylvania for 24 hourswith his friend Ronell.  I believed he was in Pennsylvaniaor en route, because he told me he left New York.

Friday Evening: ‘Dinner with Francesca’ (aka The Proposal)

I was an hour late. I was swamped with work and ended up getting there way too late. I was hungry and tired. As we walked in, Francesca made a call to one of our mutual friends who was nearby and invited him to join us which seemed normal enough. While we waited for a waiter, our mutual friend called and Francesca stepped out to get him- or so I thought. I waited and waited for them to return. 

As I sent a text message to Ken letting him know my evening plans, I heard a man say “Excuse me miss, will you like to hear today’s specials.”  I jumped in my seat and felt tears emerge frommy eyes.  I saw Ken dressed all in black,standing right in front of me.  He thenwent on to say, “Tonight we have three specials.  The specials are: Number one, I love you verymuch; Special number two, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, andSpecial number three, will you marry me?” He then got down on one knee.  Afterwiping my tears that fell around Special number two, I said “YES!
As we walked to his car newly engaged, he detoured into what to me seemed like a random bar. He started walking inside and refused toanswer me when I asked where he was going. I even told him, “Um, you are ruining the moment.” We walkedinto a back room in the lounge where I saw all my close friends from high school,college, law school, and work. I cried again. They all knew about the proposal and came to celebratewith me. Ken knew that I loved my friends and wanted toshare this moment with each of them.  Inthe end, we danced the night away, and I danced to Beyoncé, “Singles Ladies”for the last time, well at least publicly.  I love that song. 

To Binie and all my friends who worked with my fiancé, Iwant to say, “Thank you.”  I love eachone of you and it meant a lot to me to share my special day with you.  To my fiancé, you truly surprised me andcreated a very detailed and fantastic proposal. It truly was the best day everand definitely worth the wait!